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support.h File Reference
#include <ccd/ccd.h>
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struct  _ccd_support_t


typedef struct _ccd_support_t ccd_support_t


void __ccdSupport (const void *obj1, const void *obj2, const ccd_vec3_t *dir, const ccd_t *ccd, ccd_support_t *supp)
_ccd_inline void ccdSupportCopy (ccd_support_t *, const ccd_support_t *s)

Typedef Documentation

◆ ccd_support_t

typedef struct _ccd_support_t ccd_support_t

Definition at line 32 of file support.h.

Function Documentation

◆ __ccdSupport()

void __ccdSupport ( const void *  obj1,
const void *  obj2,
const ccd_vec3_t *  dir,
const ccd_t *  ccd,
ccd_support_t supp 

Computes support point of obj1 and obj2 in direction dir. Support point is returned via supp.

◆ ccdSupportCopy()

_ccd_inline void ccdSupportCopy ( ccd_support_t d,
const ccd_support_t s 

Definition at line 46 of file support.h.

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