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rviz::PathDisplay Class Reference

Displays a nav_msgs::Path message. More...

#include <path_display.h>

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Public Member Functions

 PathDisplay ()
void reset () override
 Overridden from Display. More...
 ~PathDisplay () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from rviz::MessageFilterDisplay< nav_msgs::Path >
 MessageFilterDisplay ()
void onInitialize () override
 Override this function to do subclass-specific initialization. More...
void reset () override
 Called to tell the display to clear its state. More...
void setTopic (const QString &topic, const QString &) override
 Set the ROS topic to listen to for this display. More...
 ~MessageFilterDisplay () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from rviz::_RosTopicDisplay
 _RosTopicDisplay ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from rviz::Display
virtual void deleteStatus (const QString &name)
 Delete the status entry with the given name. This is thread-safe. More...
void deleteStatusStd (const std::string &name)
 Delete the status entry with the given std::string name. This is thread-safe. More...
 Display ()
void emitTimeSignal (ros::Time time)
 Emit a time signal that other Displays can synchronize to. More...
QWidget * getAssociatedWidget () const
 Return the current associated widget, or NULL if there is none. More...
PanelDockWidgetgetAssociatedWidgetPanel ()
 Return the panel containing the associated widget, or NULL if there is none. More...
virtual QString getClassId () const
 Return the class identifier which was used to create this instance. This version just returns whatever was set with setClassId(). More...
Ogre::SceneNode * getSceneNode () const
 Return the Ogre::SceneNode holding all 3D scene elements shown by this Display. More...
QVariant getViewData (int column, int role) const override
 Return data appropriate for the given column (0 or 1) and role for this Display. More...
Qt::ItemFlags getViewFlags (int column) const override
 Return item flags appropriate for the given column (0 or 1) for this Display. More...
uint32_t getVisibilityBits ()
void initialize (DisplayContext *context)
 Main initialization, called after constructor, before load() or setEnabled(). More...
bool isEnabled () const
 Return true if this Display is enabled, false if not. More...
void load (const Config &config) override
 Load the settings for this display from the given Config node, which must be a map. More...
void save (Config config) const override
 Write this display to the given Config node. More...
void setAssociatedWidget (QWidget *widget)
 Associate the given widget with this Display. More...
virtual void setClassId (const QString &class_id)
 Set the class identifier used to create this instance. Typically this will be set by the factory object which created it. More...
void setFixedFrame (const QString &fixed_frame)
 Set the fixed frame in this display. More...
void setName (const QString &name) override
 Overridden from Property to set associated widget title to the new name. More...
virtual void setStatus (StatusProperty::Level level, const QString &name, const QString &text)
 Show status level and text. This is thread-safe. More...
void setStatusStd (StatusProperty::Level level, const std::string &name, const std::string &text)
 Show status level and text, using a std::string. Convenience function which converts std::string to QString and calls setStatus(). This is thread-safe. More...
void setVisibilityBits (uint32_t bits)
void unsetVisibilityBits (uint32_t bits)
virtual void update (float wall_dt, float ros_dt)
 Called periodically by the visualization manager. More...
 ~Display () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from rviz::BoolProperty
 BoolProperty (const QString &name=QString(), bool default_value=false, const QString &description=QString(), Property *parent=nullptr, const char *changed_slot=nullptr, QObject *receiver=nullptr)
virtual bool getBool () const
bool getDisableChildren () override
 If true, the children of this property should set their ItemIsEnabled flag to false. More...
bool getDisableChildrenIfFalse ()
void setDisableChildrenIfFalse (bool disable)
 ~BoolProperty () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from rviz::Property
virtual void addChild (Property *child, int index=-1)
 Add a child property. More...
PropertychildAt (int index) const
 Return the child Property with the given index, or NULL if the index is out of bounds or if the child at that index is not a Property. More...
virtual PropertychildAtUnchecked (int index) const
 Return the child Property with the given index, without checking whether the index is within bounds. More...
virtual void collapse ()
 Collapse (hide the children of) this Property. More...
bool contains (Property *possible_child) const
 Return true if the list of children includes possible_child, false if not. More...
virtual QWidget * createEditor (QWidget *parent, const QStyleOptionViewItem &option)
 Create an editor widget to edit the value of this property. More...
virtual void expand ()
 Expand (show the children of) this Property. More...
virtual QString getDescription () const
 Return the description. More...
virtual bool getHidden () const
 Return the hidden/shown state. True means hidden, false means visible. More...
virtual QIcon getIcon () const
PropertyTreeModelgetModel () const
 Return the model managing this Property and its childrent. More...
virtual QString getName () const
 Return the name of this Property as a QString. More...
std::string getNameStd () const
 Return the name of this Property as a std::string. More...
PropertygetParent () const
 Return the parent Property. More...
virtual bool getReadOnly ()
 Return the read-only-ness of this property. More...
virtual QVariant getValue () const
 Return the value of this Property as a QVariant. If the value has never been set, an invalid QVariant is returned. More...
void hide ()
 Hide this Property in any PropertyTreeWidgets. More...
bool isAncestorOf (Property *possible_child) const
 Returns true if this is an ancestor of possible_child, meaning is the parent or parent of parent etc. More...
virtual void moveChild (int from_index, int to_index)
 Move the child at from_index to to_index. More...
virtual int numChildren () const
 Return the number of child objects (Property or otherwise). More...
virtual bool paint (QPainter *painter, const QStyleOptionViewItem &option) const
 Hook to provide custom painting of the value data (right-hand column) in a subclass. More...
 Property (const QString &name=QString(), const QVariant default_value=QVariant(), const QString &description=QString(), Property *parent=nullptr, const char *changed_slot=nullptr, QObject *receiver=nullptr)
 Constructor. More...
virtual void removeChildren (int start_index=0, int count=-1)
 Remove and delete some or all child Properties. Does not change the value of this Property. More...
int rowNumberInParent () const
 Return the row number of this property within its parent, or -1 if it has no parent. More...
virtual void setDescription (const QString &description)
 Set the description. More...
virtual void setHidden (bool hidden)
 Hide or show this property in any PropertyTreeWidget viewing its parent. More...
virtual void setIcon (const QIcon &icon)
 Set the icon to be displayed next to the property. More...
void setModel (PropertyTreeModel *model)
 Set the model managing this Property and all its child properties, recursively. More...
void setParent (Property *new_parent)
 Set parent property, without telling the parent. More...
virtual void setReadOnly (bool read_only)
 Prevent or allow users to edit this property from a PropertyTreeWidget. More...
void setShouldBeSaved (bool save)
 If save is true and getReadOnly() is false, shouldBeSaved will return true; otherwise false. Default is true. More...
virtual bool setValue (const QVariant &new_value)
 Set the new value for this property. Returns true if the new value is different from the old value, false if same. More...
bool shouldBeSaved () const
 Returns true if the property is not read-only AND has data worth saving. More...
void show ()
 Show this Property in any PropertyTreeWidgets. More...
virtual PropertysubProp (const QString &sub_name)
 Return the first child Property with the given name, or the FailureProperty if no child has the name. More...
PropertytakeChild (Property *child)
 Remove a given child object and return a pointer to it. More...
virtual PropertytakeChildAt (int index)
 Take a child out of the child list, but don't destroy it. More...
 ~Property () override
 Destructor. Removes this property from its parent's list of children. More...

Protected Member Functions

void onInitialize () override
 Overridden from Display. More...
void processMessage (const nav_msgs::Path::ConstPtr &msg) override
 Overridden from MessageFilterDisplay. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from rviz::MessageFilterDisplay< nav_msgs::Path >
void fixedFrameChanged () override
 Called by setFixedFrame(). Override to respond to changes to fixed_frame_. More...
void incomingMessage (const typename nav_msgs::Path ::ConstPtr &msg)
 Incoming message callback. Checks if the message pointer is valid, increments messages_received_, then calls processMessage(). More...
void onDisable () override
 Derived classes override this to do the actual work of disabling themselves. More...
void onEnable () override
 Derived classes override this to do the actual work of enabling themselves. More...
virtual void processMessage (const typename nav_msgs::Path ::ConstPtr &msg)=0
 Implement this to process the contents of a message. More...
virtual void subscribe ()
virtual void unsubscribe ()
void updateTopic () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from rviz::Display
virtual void clearStatuses ()
 Delete all status children. This is thread-safe. More...
bool initialized () const
 Returns true if the display has been initialized. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from rviz::Property
void loadValue (const Config &config)
 Load the value of this property specifically, not including children. More...

Private Types

enum  LineStyle { LINES, BILLBOARDS }
enum  PoseStyle { NONE, AXES, ARROWS }

Private Slots

void updateBufferLength ()
void updateLineWidth ()
void updateOffset ()
void updatePoseArrowColor ()
void updatePoseArrowGeometry ()
void updatePoseAxisGeometry ()
void updatePoseStyle ()
void updateStyle ()

Private Member Functions

void allocateArrowVector (std::vector< rviz::Arrow *> &arrow_vect, int num)
void allocateAxesVector (std::vector< rviz::Axes *> &axes_vect, int num)
void destroyObjects ()
void destroyPoseArrowChain ()
void destroyPoseAxesChain ()

Private Attributes

std::vector< std::vector< rviz::Arrow * > > arrow_chain_
std::vector< std::vector< rviz::Axes * > > axes_chain_
std::vector< rviz::BillboardLine * > billboard_lines_
std::vector< Ogre::ManualObject * > manual_objects_

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from rviz::MessageFilterDisplay< nav_msgs::Path >
typedef MessageFilterDisplay< nav_msgs::Path > MFDClass
 Convenience typedef so subclasses don't have to use the long templated class name to refer to their super class. More...
- Public Slots inherited from rviz::Display
virtual void onEnableChanged ()
void queueRender ()
 Convenience function which calls context_->queueRender(). More...
void setEnabled (bool enabled)
 Enable or disable this Display. More...
void setIcon (const QIcon &icon) override
 Set the Display's icon. More...
- Public Slots inherited from rviz::BoolProperty
bool setBool (bool value)
- Signals inherited from rviz::Display
void timeSignal (ros::Time time, QPrivateSignal)
- Signals inherited from rviz::Property
void aboutToChange ()
 Emitted by setValue() just before the value has changed. More...
void changed ()
 Emitted by setValue() just after the value has changed. More...
void childListChanged (Property *this_property)
 Emitted after insertions and deletions of child Properties. More...
- Protected Slots inherited from rviz::_RosTopicDisplay
- Protected Attributes inherited from rviz::MessageFilterDisplay< nav_msgs::Path >
uint32_t messages_received_
message_filters::Subscriber< nav_msgs::Path > sub_
tf2_ros::MessageFilter< nav_msgs::Path > * tf_filter_
- Protected Attributes inherited from rviz::_RosTopicDisplay
- Protected Attributes inherited from rviz::Display
 This DisplayContext pointer is the main connection a Display has into the rest of rviz. This is how the FrameManager is accessed, the SelectionManager, etc. When a Display subclass wants to signal that a new render should be done right away, call context_->queueRender(). More...
QString fixed_frame_
 A convenience variable equal to context_->getFixedFrame(). More...
Ogre::SceneManager * scene_manager_
 A convenience variable equal to context_->getSceneManager(). More...
Ogre::SceneNode * scene_node_
 The Ogre::SceneNode to hold all 3D scene elements shown by this Display. More...
ros::NodeHandle threaded_nh_
 A NodeHandle whose CallbackQueue is run from a different thread than the GUI. More...
ros::NodeHandle update_nh_
 A NodeHandle whose CallbackQueue is run from the main GUI thread (the "update" thread). More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from rviz::Property
bool child_indexes_valid_
 True if row_number_within_parent_ of all children is valid, false if not. More...
QIcon icon_
 Pointer to the PropertyTreeModel managing this property tree. More...
QVariant value_
 This is the central property value. If you set it directly in a subclass, do so with care because many things depend on the aboutToChange() and changed() events emitted by setValue(). More...

Detailed Description

Displays a nav_msgs::Path message.

Definition at line 59 of file path_display.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ LineStyle


Definition at line 105 of file path_display.h.

◆ PoseStyle


Definition at line 121 of file path_display.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PathDisplay()

rviz::PathDisplay::PathDisplay ( )

Definition at line 52 of file path_display.cpp.

◆ ~PathDisplay()

rviz::PathDisplay::~PathDisplay ( )

Definition at line 113 of file path_display.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ allocateArrowVector()

void rviz::PathDisplay::allocateArrowVector ( std::vector< rviz::Arrow *> &  arrow_vect,
int  num 

Definition at line 155 of file path_display.cpp.

◆ allocateAxesVector()

void rviz::PathDisplay::allocateAxesVector ( std::vector< rviz::Axes *> &  axes_vect,
int  num 

Definition at line 133 of file path_display.cpp.

◆ destroyObjects()

void rviz::PathDisplay::destroyObjects ( )

Definition at line 314 of file path_display.cpp.

◆ destroyPoseArrowChain()

void rviz::PathDisplay::destroyPoseArrowChain ( )

Definition at line 184 of file path_display.cpp.

◆ destroyPoseAxesChain()

void rviz::PathDisplay::destroyPoseAxesChain ( )

Definition at line 175 of file path_display.cpp.

◆ onInitialize()

void rviz::PathDisplay::onInitialize ( )

Overridden from Display.

Reimplemented from rviz::Display.

Definition at line 120 of file path_display.cpp.

◆ processMessage()

void rviz::PathDisplay::processMessage ( const nav_msgs::Path::ConstPtr &  msg)

Overridden from MessageFilterDisplay.

Definition at line 388 of file path_display.cpp.

◆ reset()

void rviz::PathDisplay::reset ( )

Overridden from Display.

Reimplemented from rviz::Display.

Definition at line 126 of file path_display.cpp.

◆ updateBufferLength

void rviz::PathDisplay::updateBufferLength ( )

Definition at line 340 of file path_display.cpp.

◆ updateLineWidth

void rviz::PathDisplay::updateLineWidth ( )

Definition at line 212 of file path_display.cpp.

◆ updateOffset

void rviz::PathDisplay::updateOffset ( )

Definition at line 229 of file path_display.cpp.

◆ updatePoseArrowColor

void rviz::PathDisplay::updatePoseArrowColor ( )

Definition at line 283 of file path_display.cpp.

◆ updatePoseArrowGeometry

void rviz::PathDisplay::updatePoseArrowGeometry ( )

Definition at line 298 of file path_display.cpp.

◆ updatePoseAxisGeometry

void rviz::PathDisplay::updatePoseAxisGeometry ( )

Definition at line 270 of file path_display.cpp.

◆ updatePoseStyle

void rviz::PathDisplay::updatePoseStyle ( )

Definition at line 235 of file path_display.cpp.

◆ updateStyle

void rviz::PathDisplay::updateStyle ( )

Definition at line 193 of file path_display.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ alpha_property_

FloatProperty* rviz::PathDisplay::alpha_property_

Definition at line 100 of file path_display.h.

◆ arrow_chain_

std::vector<std::vector<rviz::Arrow*> > rviz::PathDisplay::arrow_chain_

Definition at line 96 of file path_display.h.

◆ axes_chain_

std::vector<std::vector<rviz::Axes*> > rviz::PathDisplay::axes_chain_

Definition at line 95 of file path_display.h.

◆ billboard_lines_

std::vector<rviz::BillboardLine*> rviz::PathDisplay::billboard_lines_

Definition at line 94 of file path_display.h.

◆ buffer_length_property_

IntProperty* rviz::PathDisplay::buffer_length_property_

Definition at line 102 of file path_display.h.

◆ color_property_

ColorProperty* rviz::PathDisplay::color_property_

Definition at line 99 of file path_display.h.

◆ line_width_property_

FloatProperty* rviz::PathDisplay::line_width_property_

Definition at line 101 of file path_display.h.

◆ manual_objects_

std::vector<Ogre::ManualObject*> rviz::PathDisplay::manual_objects_

Definition at line 93 of file path_display.h.

◆ offset_property_

VectorProperty* rviz::PathDisplay::offset_property_

Definition at line 103 of file path_display.h.

◆ pose_arrow_color_property_

ColorProperty* rviz::PathDisplay::pose_arrow_color_property_

Definition at line 115 of file path_display.h.

◆ pose_arrow_head_diameter_property_

FloatProperty* rviz::PathDisplay::pose_arrow_head_diameter_property_

Definition at line 119 of file path_display.h.

◆ pose_arrow_head_length_property_

FloatProperty* rviz::PathDisplay::pose_arrow_head_length_property_

Definition at line 117 of file path_display.h.

◆ pose_arrow_shaft_diameter_property_

FloatProperty* rviz::PathDisplay::pose_arrow_shaft_diameter_property_

Definition at line 118 of file path_display.h.

◆ pose_arrow_shaft_length_property_

FloatProperty* rviz::PathDisplay::pose_arrow_shaft_length_property_

Definition at line 116 of file path_display.h.

◆ pose_axes_length_property_

FloatProperty* rviz::PathDisplay::pose_axes_length_property_

Definition at line 113 of file path_display.h.

◆ pose_axes_radius_property_

FloatProperty* rviz::PathDisplay::pose_axes_radius_property_

Definition at line 114 of file path_display.h.

◆ pose_style_property_

EnumProperty* rviz::PathDisplay::pose_style_property_

Definition at line 112 of file path_display.h.

◆ style_property_

EnumProperty* rviz::PathDisplay::style_property_

Definition at line 98 of file path_display.h.

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