ROS Hand-eye calibration client for Roboception's rc_visard

This node provides ROS service calls and topics to calibrate the rc_visard to a robot (aka hand-eye calibration). The calibration routine consists of several steps:

  1. Setting calibration parameters, i.e. grid size and mounting, via dynamic reconfigure. 0. For a user-defined number of robot calibration poses repeat
    1. Move the robot to the pose (calibration grid must be visible in the rc_visard's view).
    0. Send the robot pose to rc_visard (`set_pose`)

0. Trigger the calibration tranformation to be calculated (calibrate).

After the calibration transform is calculated and tested, it should be saved to the rc_visard (save_calibration).

For detailed instructions on the calibration routine consult the rc_visard manual:


This package relies on git submodules for the cpr library which need to be initialized before building from source.

1 git submodule update --init --recursive



Dynamic reconfigure parameters


The following services are offered to follow the calibration routine:


Using command line parameters:

1 rosrun rc_hand_eye_calibration_client rc_hand_eye_calibration_client_node _host:=""

Author(s): Christian Emmerich
autogenerated on Wed Mar 20 2019 07:55:45