pr2_controller_manager.pr2_controller_manager_interface Namespace Reference


def list_controller_types ()
def list_controllers ()
def load_controller (name)
def reload_libraries (force_kill, restore=False)
def start_controller (name)
def start_controllers (names)
def start_stop_controllers (names, st)
def stop_controller (name)
def stop_controllers (names)
def unload_controller (name)

Function Documentation

def pr2_controller_manager.pr2_controller_manager_interface.list_controller_types ( )

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def pr2_controller_manager.pr2_controller_manager_interface.list_controllers ( )

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def pr2_controller_manager.pr2_controller_manager_interface.load_controller (   name)

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def pr2_controller_manager.pr2_controller_manager_interface.reload_libraries (   force_kill,
  restore = False 

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def pr2_controller_manager.pr2_controller_manager_interface.start_controller (   name)

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def pr2_controller_manager.pr2_controller_manager_interface.start_controllers (   names)

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def pr2_controller_manager.pr2_controller_manager_interface.start_stop_controllers (   names,

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def pr2_controller_manager.pr2_controller_manager_interface.stop_controller (   name)

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def pr2_controller_manager.pr2_controller_manager_interface.stop_controllers (   names)

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def pr2_controller_manager.pr2_controller_manager_interface.unload_controller (   name)

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