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pymavlink.generator.mavparse Namespace Reference


class  MAVEnum
class  MAVEnumEntry
class  MAVEnumParam
class  MAVField
class  MAVParseError
class  MAVType
class  MAVXML


def check_duplicates (xml)
def merge_enums (xml)
def message_checksum (msg)
def mkdir_p (dir)
def total_msgs (xml)


string PROTOCOL_0_9 = "0.9"
string PROTOCOL_1_0 = "1.0"
string PROTOCOL_2_0 = "2.0"

Detailed Description

mavlink python parse functions

Copyright Andrew Tridgell 2011
Released under GNU GPL version 3 or later

Function Documentation

def pymavlink.generator.mavparse.check_duplicates (   xml)
check for duplicate message IDs

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def pymavlink.generator.mavparse.merge_enums (   xml)
merge enums between XML files

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def pymavlink.generator.mavparse.message_checksum (   msg)
calculate a 8-bit checksum of the key fields of a message, so we
   can detect incompatible XML changes

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def pymavlink.generator.mavparse.mkdir_p (   dir)

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def pymavlink.generator.mavparse.total_msgs (   xml)
count total number of msgs

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Variable Documentation

int pymavlink.generator.mavparse.FLAG_HAVE_TARGET_COMPONENT = 2

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int pymavlink.generator.mavparse.FLAG_HAVE_TARGET_SYSTEM = 1

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string pymavlink.generator.mavparse.PROTOCOL_0_9 = "0.9"

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string pymavlink.generator.mavparse.PROTOCOL_1_0 = "1.0"

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string pymavlink.generator.mavparse.PROTOCOL_2_0 = "2.0"

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