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pymavlink.generator.mavgen_wlua Namespace Reference


def generate (basename, xml)
def generate_body_fields (outf)
def generate_epilog (outf)
def generate_field_dissector (outf, msg, field)
def generate_msg_fields (outf, msg)
def generate_msg_table (outf, msgs)
def generate_packet_dis (outf)
def generate_payload_dissector (outf, msg)
def generate_preamble (outf)
def lua_type (mavlink_type)
def mavfmt (field)
def type_size (mavlink_type)


 t = mavtemplate.MAVTemplate()

Detailed Description

parse a MAVLink protocol XML file and generate a Wireshark LUA dissector

Copyright Holger Steinhaus 2012
Released under GNU GPL version 3 or later

Instructions for use: 
1. python -m --lang=WLua mymavlink.xml -o ~/.wireshark/plugins/mymavlink.lua
2. convert binary stream int .pcap file format (see ../examples/
3. open the pcap file in Wireshark

Function Documentation

def pymavlink.generator.mavgen_wlua.generate (   basename,
generate complete python implemenation

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def pymavlink.generator.mavgen_wlua.generate_body_fields (   outf)

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def pymavlink.generator.mavgen_wlua.generate_epilog (   outf)

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def pymavlink.generator.mavgen_wlua.generate_field_dissector (   outf,

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def pymavlink.generator.mavgen_wlua.generate_msg_fields (   outf,

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def pymavlink.generator.mavgen_wlua.generate_msg_table (   outf,

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def pymavlink.generator.mavgen_wlua.generate_packet_dis (   outf)

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def pymavlink.generator.mavgen_wlua.generate_payload_dissector (   outf,

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def pymavlink.generator.mavgen_wlua.generate_preamble (   outf)

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def pymavlink.generator.mavgen_wlua.lua_type (   mavlink_type)

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def pymavlink.generator.mavgen_wlua.mavfmt (   field)
work out the struct format for a type

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def pymavlink.generator.mavgen_wlua.type_size (   mavlink_type)

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Variable Documentation

pymavlink.generator.mavgen_wlua.t = mavtemplate.MAVTemplate()

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Author(s): Lorenz Meier
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