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test_quaternion.QuaternionTest Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, args, kwargs)
def test_constructor (self)
def test_conversion (self)
def test_mul (self)
def test_transform (self)
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def __init__ (self, args, kwargs)
def test_constructor (self)
def test_conversion (self)
def test_div (self)
def test_inversed (self)
def test_mul (self)
def test_norm (self)
def test_transform (self)

Public Attributes

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Private Member Functions

def _all_quaternions (self)
def _helper_test_constructor (self, q, euler, dcm)

Detailed Description

Class to test Quaternion

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def test_quaternion.QuaternionTest.__init__ (   self,
Constructor, set up some data that is reused in many tests

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Member Function Documentation

def test_quaternion.QuaternionTest._all_quaternions (   self)
Generate quaternions from all euler angles

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def test_quaternion.QuaternionTest._helper_test_constructor (   self,
Helper function for constructor test

Calls constructor for the quaternion from q euler and dcm and checks
if the resulting converions are equivalent to the arguments.
The test for the euler angles is weak as the solution is not unique

:param q: quaternion 4x1, [w, x, y, z]
:param euler: Vector3(roll, pitch, yaw), needs to be equivalent to q
:param q: Matrix3, needs to be equivalent to q

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def test_quaternion.QuaternionTest.test_constructor (   self)
Test the constructor functionality

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def test_quaternion.QuaternionTest.test_conversion (   self)
Tests forward and backward conversions

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def test_quaternion.QuaternionTest.test_mul (   self)
Test multiplication

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def test_quaternion.QuaternionTest.test_transform (   self)
Test transform

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Member Data Documentation


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