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pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, fd, address, source_system=255, source_component=0, notimestamps=False, input=True, use_native=default_native)
def arducopter_arm (self)
def arducopter_disarm (self)
def auto_mavlink_version (self, buf)
def base_mode (self)
def base_mode (self, value)
def calibrate_level (self)
def calibrate_pressure (self)
def check_condition (self, condition)
def close (self, n=None)
def disable_signing (self)
def field (self, type, field, default=None)
def flightmode (self)
def flightmode (self, value)
def location (self, relative_alt=False)
def mav_type (self)
def mav_type (self, value)
def mavlink10 (self)
def mavlink20 (self)
def messages (self)
def mode_mapping (self)
def motors_armed (self)
def motors_armed_wait (self)
def motors_disarmed_wait (self)
def packet_loss (self)
def param (self, name, default=None)
def param_fetch_all (self)
def param_fetch_one (self, name)
def param_set_send (self, parm_name, parm_value, parm_type=None)
def params (self)
def post_message (self, msg)
def pre_message (self)
def probably_vehicle_heartbeat (self, msg)
def reboot_autopilot (self, hold_in_bootloader=False)
def recv (self, n=None)
def recv_match (self, condition=None, type=None, blocking=False, timeout=None)
def recv_msg (self)
def select (self, timeout)
def set_mode (self, mode, custom_mode=0, custom_sub_mode=0)
def set_mode_apm (self, mode, custom_mode=0, custom_sub_mode=0)
def set_mode_auto (self)
def set_mode_fbwa (self)
def set_mode_flag (self, flag, enable)
def set_mode_loiter (self)
def set_mode_manual (self)
def set_mode_px4 (self, mode, custom_mode, custom_sub_mode)
def set_mode_rtl (self)
def set_relay (self, relay_pin=0, state=True)
def set_rtscts (self, enable)
def set_servo (self, channel, pwm)
def setup_logfile (self, logfile, mode='w')
def setup_logfile_raw (self, logfile, mode='w')
def setup_signing (self, secret_key, sign_outgoing=True, allow_unsigned_callback=None, initial_timestamp=None, link_id=None)
def target_component (self)
def target_component (self, value)
def target_system (self)
def target_system (self, value)
def time_since (self, mtype)
def vehicle_type (self)
def vehicle_type (self, value)
def wait_gps_fix (self)
def wait_heartbeat (self, blocking=True, timeout=None)
def waypoint_clear_all_send (self)
def waypoint_count_send (self, seq)
def waypoint_current (self)
def waypoint_request_list_send (self)
def waypoint_request_send (self, seq)
def waypoint_set_current_send (self, seq)
def write (self, buf)

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Detailed Description

a generic mavlink port

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.__init__ (   self,
  source_system = 255,
  source_component = 0,
  notimestamps = False,
  input = True,
  use_native = default_native 

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Member Function Documentation

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.arducopter_arm (   self)
arm motors (arducopter only)

Definition at line 786 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.arducopter_disarm (   self)
calibrate pressure

Definition at line 802 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.auto_mavlink_version (   self,
auto-switch mavlink protocol version

Definition at line 245 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.base_mode (   self)

Definition at line 238 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.base_mode (   self,

Definition at line 242 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.calibrate_level (   self)
calibrate accels (1D version)

Definition at line 730 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.calibrate_pressure (   self)
calibrate pressure

Definition at line 736 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.check_condition (   self,
check if a condition is true

Definition at line 469 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.close (   self,
  n = None 
default close method

Definition at line 285 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.disable_signing (   self)
disable MAVLink2 signing

Definition at line 871 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.field (   self,
  default = None 
convenient function for returning an arbitrary MAVLink
   field with a default

Definition at line 837 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.flightmode (   self)

Definition at line 214 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.flightmode (   self,

Definition at line 218 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.location (   self,
  relative_alt = False 
return current location

Definition at line 771 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.mav_type (   self)

Definition at line 230 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.mav_type (   self,

Definition at line 234 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.mavlink10 (   self)
return True if using MAVLink 1.0 or later

Definition at line 473 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.mavlink20 (   self)
return True if using MAVLink 2.0 or later

Definition at line 477 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.messages (   self)

Definition at line 210 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.mode_mapping (   self)
return dictionary mapping mode names to numbers, or None if unknown

Definition at line 600 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.motors_armed (   self)
return true if motors armed

Definition at line 818 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.motors_armed_wait (   self)
wait for motors to be armed

Definition at line 822 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.motors_disarmed_wait (   self)
wait for motors to be disarmed

Definition at line 829 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.packet_loss (   self)
packet loss as a percentage

Definition at line 403 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.param (   self,
  default = None 
convenient function for returning an arbitrary MAVLink
   parameter with a default

Definition at line 844 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.param_fetch_all (   self)
initiate fetch of all parameters

Definition at line 493 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.param_fetch_one (   self,
initiate fetch of one parameter

Definition at line 501 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.param_set_send (   self,
  parm_type = None 
wrapper for parameter set

Definition at line 517 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.params (   self)

Definition at line 202 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.post_message (   self,
default post message call

Definition at line 323 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.pre_message (   self)
default pre message call

Definition at line 305 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.probably_vehicle_heartbeat (   self,

Definition at line 313 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.reboot_autopilot (   self,
  hold_in_bootloader = False 
reboot the autopilot

Definition at line 746 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.recv (   self,
  n = None 
default recv method

Definition at line 281 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.recv_match (   self,
  condition = None,
  type = None,
  blocking = False,
  timeout = None 
recv the next MAVLink message that matches the given condition
type can be a string or a list of strings

Definition at line 439 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.recv_msg (   self)
message receive routine

Definition at line 410 of file

def (   self,
wait for up to timeout seconds for more data

Definition at line 294 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.set_mode (   self,
  custom_mode = 0,
  custom_sub_mode = 0 
set arbitrary flight mode

Definition at line 657 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.set_mode_apm (   self,
  custom_mode = 0,
  custom_sub_mode = 0 
enter arbitrary mode

Definition at line 632 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.set_mode_auto (   self)
enter auto mode

Definition at line 591 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.set_mode_fbwa (   self)
enter FBWA mode

Definition at line 685 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.set_mode_flag (   self,
Enables/ disables MAV_MODE_FLAG
@param flag The mode flag, 
  see MAV_MODE_FLAG enum
@param enable Enable the flag, (True/False)

Definition at line 571 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.set_mode_loiter (   self)
enter LOITER mode

Definition at line 695 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.set_mode_manual (   self)
enter MANUAL mode

Definition at line 674 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.set_mode_px4 (   self,
enter arbitrary mode

Definition at line 645 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.set_mode_rtl (   self)
enter RTL mode

Definition at line 665 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.set_relay (   self,
  relay_pin = 0,
  state = True 
Set relay_pin to value of state

Definition at line 712 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.set_rtscts (   self,
enable/disable RTS/CTS if applicable

Definition at line 309 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.set_servo (   self,
set a servo value

Definition at line 704 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.setup_logfile (   self,
  mode = 'w' 
start logging to the given logfile, with timestamps

Definition at line 481 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.setup_logfile_raw (   self,
  mode = 'w' 
start logging raw bytes to the given logfile, without timestamps

Definition at line 485 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.setup_signing (   self,
  sign_outgoing = True,
  allow_unsigned_callback = None,
  initial_timestamp = None,
  link_id = None 
setup for MAVLink2 signing

Definition at line 851 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.target_component (   self)

Definition at line 181 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.target_component (   self,

Definition at line 195 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.target_system (   self)

Definition at line 177 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.target_system (   self,

Definition at line 185 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.time_since (   self,
return the time since the last message of type mtype was received

Definition at line 511 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.vehicle_type (   self)

Definition at line 222 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.vehicle_type (   self,

Definition at line 226 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.wait_gps_fix (   self)

Definition at line 762 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.wait_heartbeat (   self,
  blocking = True,
  timeout = None 
wait for a heartbeat so we know the target system IDs

Definition at line 489 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.waypoint_clear_all_send (   self)
wrapper for waypoint_clear_all_send

Definition at line 535 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.waypoint_count_send (   self,
wrapper for waypoint_count_send

Definition at line 564 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.waypoint_current (   self)
return current waypoint

Definition at line 556 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.waypoint_request_list_send (   self)
wrapper for waypoint_request_list_send

Definition at line 528 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.waypoint_request_send (   self,
wrapper for waypoint_request_send

Definition at line 542 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.waypoint_set_current_send (   self,
wrapper for waypoint_set_current_send

Definition at line 549 of file

def pymavlink.mavutil.mavfile.write (   self,
default write method

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