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com.MAVLink.Parser Class Reference


enum  MAV_states

Public Member Functions

MAVLinkPacket mavlink_parse_char (int c)
 Parser ()
 Parser (boolean ignoreRadioPacketStats)

Public Attributes

MAVLinkStats stats

Private Attributes

MAVLinkPacket m

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

com.MAVLink.Parser.Parser ( )

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com.MAVLink.Parser.Parser ( boolean  ignoreRadioPacketStats)

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Member Function Documentation

MAVLinkPacket com.MAVLink.Parser.mavlink_parse_char ( int  c)

This is a convenience function which handles the complete MAVLink parsing. the function will parse one byte at a time and return the complete packet once it could be successfully decoded. Checksum and other failures will be silently ignored.

cThe char to parse

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Member Data Documentation

MAVLinkPacket com.MAVLink.Parser.m

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MAVLinkStats com.MAVLink.Parser.stats

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