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absl::flags_internal::FlagSaverImpl::SavedFlag Struct Reference

Public Attributes

int64_t counter
const void * current
const void * default_value
FlagMarshallingOpFn marshalling_op
bool modified
absl::string_view name
bool on_command_line
FlagOpFn op
bool(* validator )()

Detailed Description

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Member Data Documentation

int64_t absl::flags_internal::FlagSaverImpl::SavedFlag::counter

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const void* absl::flags_internal::FlagSaverImpl::SavedFlag::current

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const void* absl::flags_internal::FlagSaverImpl::SavedFlag::default_value

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FlagMarshallingOpFn absl::flags_internal::FlagSaverImpl::SavedFlag::marshalling_op

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bool absl::flags_internal::FlagSaverImpl::SavedFlag::modified

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absl::string_view absl::flags_internal::FlagSaverImpl::SavedFlag::name

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bool absl::flags_internal::FlagSaverImpl::SavedFlag::on_command_line

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FlagOpFn absl::flags_internal::FlagSaverImpl::SavedFlag::op

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bool(* absl::flags_internal::FlagSaverImpl::SavedFlag::validator) ()

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