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absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag Struct Reference

#include <commandlineflag.h>

Public Member Functions

 ABSL_DEPRECATED ("temporary until FlagName call sites are migrated and validator API is ""changed") const char *NameAsCString() const
constexpr CommandLineFlag (const char *name_arg, HelpText help_text, const char *filename_arg, const flags_internal::FlagOpFn op_arg, const flags_internal::FlagMarshallingOpFn marshalling_op_arg, const flags_internal::InitialValGenFunc initial_value_gen, const bool retired_arg, void *def_arg, void *cur_arg)
 CommandLineFlag (const CommandLineFlag &)=delete
std::string CurrentValue () const
std::string DefaultValue () const
std::string Filename () const
template<typename T >
absl::optional< T > Get ()
std::string Help () const
bool IsAbseilFlag () const
template<typename T >
bool IsOfType () const
bool IsRetired () const
bool IsSpecifiedOnCommandLine () const
absl::string_view Name () const
CommandLineFlagoperator= (const CommandLineFlag &)=delete
void Read (void *dst, const flags_internal::FlagOpFn dst_op) const
void SetCallback (const flags_internal::FlagCallback mutation_callback)
bool SetFromString (absl::string_view value, flags_internal::FlagSettingMode set_mode, flags_internal::ValueSource source, std::string *error)
absl::string_view Typename () const
void Write (const void *src, const flags_internal::FlagOpFn src_op)

Public Attributes

std::atomic< int64_t > atomic
FlagCallback callback
int64_t counter
void * cur
void * def
std::atomic< bool > inited
struct CommandLineFlagLockslocks
const InitialValGenFunc make_init_value
const FlagMarshallingOpFn marshalling_op
bool modified
bool on_command_line
const FlagOpFn op
const bool retired
bool(* validator )()

Static Public Attributes

static const int64_t kAtomicInit = 0xababababababababll

Private Attributes

const char *const filename
const HelpText help
const char *const name


class FlagRegistry

Detailed Description

Definition at line 195 of file commandlineflag.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

constexpr absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::CommandLineFlag ( const char *  name_arg,
HelpText  help_text,
const char *  filename_arg,
const flags_internal::FlagOpFn  op_arg,
const flags_internal::FlagMarshallingOpFn  marshalling_op_arg,
const flags_internal::InitialValGenFunc  initial_value_gen,
const bool  retired_arg,
void *  def_arg,
void *  cur_arg 

Definition at line 196 of file commandlineflag.h.

absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::CommandLineFlag ( const CommandLineFlag )

Member Function Documentation

absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::ABSL_DEPRECATED ( "temporary until FlagName call sites are migrated and validator API is ""changed"  ) const

Definition at line 311 of file commandlineflag.h.

std::string absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::CurrentValue ( ) const

Definition at line 265 of file

std::string absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::DefaultValue ( ) const

Definition at line 261 of file

std::string absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::Filename ( ) const

Definition at line 257 of file

template<typename T >
absl::optional<T> absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::Get ( )

Definition at line 248 of file commandlineflag.h.

std::string absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::Help ( ) const

Definition at line 225 of file commandlineflag.h.

bool absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::IsAbseilFlag ( ) const

Definition at line 229 of file commandlineflag.h.

template<typename T >
bool absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::IsOfType ( ) const

Definition at line 241 of file commandlineflag.h.

bool absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::IsRetired ( ) const

Definition at line 226 of file commandlineflag.h.

bool absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::IsSpecifiedOnCommandLine ( ) const

Definition at line 227 of file commandlineflag.h.

absl::string_view absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::Name ( ) const

Definition at line 224 of file commandlineflag.h.

CommandLineFlag& absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::operator= ( const CommandLineFlag )
void absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::Read ( void *  dst,
const flags_internal::FlagOpFn  dst_op 
) const

Definition at line 182 of file

void absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::SetCallback ( const flags_internal::FlagCallback  mutation_callback)

Definition at line 269 of file

bool absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::SetFromString ( absl::string_view  value,
flags_internal::FlagSettingMode  set_mode,
flags_internal::ValueSource  source,
std::string *  error 

Definition at line 322 of file

absl::string_view absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::Typename ( ) const

Definition at line 233 of file

void absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::Write ( const void *  src,
const flags_internal::FlagOpFn  src_op 

Definition at line 199 of file

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class FlagRegistry

Definition at line 317 of file commandlineflag.h.

Member Data Documentation

std::atomic<int64_t> absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::atomic

Definition at line 297 of file commandlineflag.h.

FlagCallback absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::callback

Definition at line 289 of file commandlineflag.h.

int64_t absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::counter

Definition at line 292 of file commandlineflag.h.

void* absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::cur

Definition at line 291 of file commandlineflag.h.

void* absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::def

Definition at line 290 of file commandlineflag.h.

const char* const absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::filename

Definition at line 276 of file commandlineflag.h.

const HelpText absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::help

Definition at line 275 of file commandlineflag.h.

std::atomic<bool> absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::inited

Definition at line 283 of file commandlineflag.h.

const int64_t absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::kAtomicInit = 0xababababababababll

Definition at line 296 of file commandlineflag.h.

struct CommandLineFlagLocks* absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::locks

Definition at line 303 of file commandlineflag.h.

const InitialValGenFunc absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::make_init_value

Definition at line 281 of file commandlineflag.h.

const FlagMarshallingOpFn absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::marshalling_op

Definition at line 280 of file commandlineflag.h.

bool absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::modified

Definition at line 286 of file commandlineflag.h.

const char* const absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::name

Definition at line 274 of file commandlineflag.h.

bool absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::on_command_line

Definition at line 287 of file commandlineflag.h.

const FlagOpFn absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::op

Definition at line 279 of file commandlineflag.h.

const bool absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::retired

Definition at line 282 of file commandlineflag.h.

bool(* absl::flags_internal::CommandLineFlag::validator) ()

Definition at line 288 of file commandlineflag.h.

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