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absl::base_internal::PerThreadSynch Struct Reference

#include <thread_identity.h>

Public Types

enum  State { kAvailable, kQueued }

Public Member Functions

ThreadIdentitythread_identity ()

Public Attributes

bool cond_waiter
bool may_skip
bool maybe_unlocking
int64_t next_priority_read_cycles
int priority
intptr_t readers
std::atomic< Statestate
bool suppress_fatal_errors
bool wake

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr int kAlignment = 1 << kLowZeroBits
static constexpr int kLowZeroBits = 8

Detailed Description

Definition at line 46 of file thread_identity.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation


Definition at line 106 of file thread_identity.h.

Member Function Documentation

ThreadIdentity* absl::base_internal::PerThreadSynch::thread_identity ( )

Definition at line 58 of file thread_identity.h.

Member Data Documentation

SynchLocksHeld* absl::base_internal::PerThreadSynch::all_locks

Definition at line 133 of file thread_identity.h.

bool absl::base_internal::PerThreadSynch::cond_waiter

Definition at line 129 of file thread_identity.h.

constexpr int absl::base_internal::PerThreadSynch::kAlignment = 1 << kLowZeroBits

Definition at line 53 of file thread_identity.h.

constexpr int absl::base_internal::PerThreadSynch::kLowZeroBits = 8

Definition at line 52 of file thread_identity.h.

bool absl::base_internal::PerThreadSynch::may_skip

Definition at line 66 of file thread_identity.h.

bool absl::base_internal::PerThreadSynch::maybe_unlocking

Definition at line 112 of file thread_identity.h.

PerThreadSynch* absl::base_internal::PerThreadSynch::next

Definition at line 62 of file thread_identity.h.

int64_t absl::base_internal::PerThreadSynch::next_priority_read_cycles

Definition at line 93 of file thread_identity.h.

int absl::base_internal::PerThreadSynch::priority

Definition at line 90 of file thread_identity.h.

intptr_t absl::base_internal::PerThreadSynch::readers

Definition at line 89 of file thread_identity.h.

PerThreadSynch* absl::base_internal::PerThreadSynch::skip

Definition at line 63 of file thread_identity.h.

std::atomic<State> absl::base_internal::PerThreadSynch::state

Definition at line 110 of file thread_identity.h.

bool absl::base_internal::PerThreadSynch::suppress_fatal_errors

Definition at line 83 of file thread_identity.h.

SynchWaitParams* absl::base_internal::PerThreadSynch::waitp

Definition at line 81 of file thread_identity.h.

bool absl::base_internal::PerThreadSynch::wake

Definition at line 122 of file thread_identity.h.

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