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absl::synchronization_internal::GraphCycles Class Reference

#include <graphcycles.h>


struct  Rep

Public Member Functions

bool CheckInvariants () const
int FindPath (GraphId source, GraphId dest, int max_path_len, GraphId path[]) const
GraphId GetId (void *ptr)
int GetStackTrace (GraphId id, void ***ptr)
 GraphCycles ()
bool HasEdge (GraphId source_node, GraphId dest_node) const
bool HasNode (GraphId node)
bool InsertEdge (GraphId source_node, GraphId dest_node)
bool IsReachable (GraphId source_node, GraphId dest_node) const
void * Ptr (GraphId id)
void RemoveEdge (GraphId source_node, GraphId dest_node)
void RemoveNode (void *ptr)
void UpdateStackTrace (GraphId id, int priority, int(*get_stack_trace)(void **, int))
 ~GraphCycles ()

Private Member Functions

 GraphCycles (const GraphCycles &)=delete
GraphCyclesoperator= (const GraphCycles &)=delete

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

Definition at line 59 of file graphcycles.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

absl::synchronization_internal::GraphCycles::GraphCycles ( )

Definition at line 363 of file

absl::synchronization_internal::GraphCycles::~GraphCycles ( )

Definition at line 369 of file

absl::synchronization_internal::GraphCycles::GraphCycles ( const GraphCycles )

Member Function Documentation

bool absl::synchronization_internal::GraphCycles::CheckInvariants ( ) const

Definition at line 378 of file

int absl::synchronization_internal::GraphCycles::FindPath ( GraphId  source,
GraphId  dest,
int  max_path_len,
GraphId  path[] 
) const

Definition at line 623 of file

GraphId absl::synchronization_internal::GraphCycles::GetId ( void *  ptr)

Definition at line 404 of file

int absl::synchronization_internal::GraphCycles::GetStackTrace ( GraphId  id,
void ***  ptr 

Definition at line 681 of file

bool absl::synchronization_internal::GraphCycles::HasEdge ( GraphId  source_node,
GraphId  dest_node 
) const

Definition at line 468 of file

bool absl::synchronization_internal::GraphCycles::HasNode ( GraphId  node)

Definition at line 464 of file

bool absl::synchronization_internal::GraphCycles::InsertEdge ( GraphId  source_node,
GraphId  dest_node 

Definition at line 491 of file

bool absl::synchronization_internal::GraphCycles::IsReachable ( GraphId  source_node,
GraphId  dest_node 
) const

Definition at line 667 of file

GraphCycles& absl::synchronization_internal::GraphCycles::operator= ( const GraphCycles )
void * absl::synchronization_internal::GraphCycles::Ptr ( GraphId  id)

Definition at line 458 of file

void absl::synchronization_internal::GraphCycles::RemoveEdge ( GraphId  source_node,
GraphId  dest_node 

Definition at line 473 of file

void absl::synchronization_internal::GraphCycles::RemoveNode ( void *  ptr)

Definition at line 435 of file

void absl::synchronization_internal::GraphCycles::UpdateStackTrace ( GraphId  id,
int  priority,
int(*)(void **, int)  get_stack_trace 

Definition at line 671 of file

Member Data Documentation

Rep* absl::synchronization_internal::GraphCycles::rep_

Definition at line 127 of file graphcycles.h.

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