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serialPort Struct Reference

#include <drv_serial.h>

Public Attributes

uint32_t baudRate
serialReceiveCallbackPtr callback
portMode_t mode
volatile uint8_t * rxBuffer
uint32_t rxBufferHead
uint32_t rxBufferSize
uint32_t rxBufferTail
volatile uint8_t * txBuffer
uint32_t txBufferHead
uint32_t txBufferSize
uint32_t txBufferTail
const struct serialPortVTablevTable

Detailed Description

Definition at line 33 of file drv_serial.h.

Member Data Documentation

uint32_t serialPort::baudRate

Definition at line 38 of file drv_serial.h.

serialReceiveCallbackPtr serialPort::callback

Definition at line 50 of file drv_serial.h.

portMode_t serialPort::mode

Definition at line 37 of file drv_serial.h.

volatile uint8_t* serialPort::rxBuffer

Definition at line 42 of file drv_serial.h.

uint32_t serialPort::rxBufferHead

Definition at line 44 of file drv_serial.h.

uint32_t serialPort::rxBufferSize

Definition at line 40 of file drv_serial.h.

uint32_t serialPort::rxBufferTail

Definition at line 45 of file drv_serial.h.

volatile uint8_t* serialPort::txBuffer

Definition at line 43 of file drv_serial.h.

uint32_t serialPort::txBufferHead

Definition at line 46 of file drv_serial.h.

uint32_t serialPort::txBufferSize

Definition at line 41 of file drv_serial.h.

uint32_t serialPort::txBufferTail

Definition at line 47 of file drv_serial.h.

const struct serialPortVTable* serialPort::vTable

Definition at line 35 of file drv_serial.h.

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