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USBD_Class_cb_TypeDef AUDIO_cb
uint8_t AudioCtl [64]
uint8_t AudioCtlCmd = 0
uint32_t AudioCtlLen = 0
uint8_t AudioCtlUnit = 0
uint8_t IsocOutBuff [TOTAL_OUT_BUF_SIZE *2]
uint8_t * IsocOutRdPtr = IsocOutBuff
uint8_t * IsocOutWrPtr = IsocOutBuff
static uint32_t PlayFlag = 0
static __IO uint32_t usbd_audio_AltSet = 0
static uint8_t usbd_audio_CfgDesc [AUDIO_CONFIG_DESC_SIZE]

Detailed Description

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Initial value:
static uint8_t usbd_audio_EP0_RxReady(void *pdev)
usbd_audio_EP0_RxReady Handles audio control requests data.
static uint8_t usbd_audio_DeInit(void *pdev, uint8_t cfgidx)
usbd_audio_Init DeInitializes the AUDIO layer.
static uint8_t usbd_audio_DataOut(void *pdev, uint8_t epnum)
usbd_audio_DataOut Handles the Audio Out data stage.
static uint8_t usbd_audio_OUT_Incplt(void *pdev)
usbd_audio_OUT_Incplt Handles the iso out incomplete event.
static uint8_t * USBD_audio_GetCfgDesc(uint8_t speed, uint16_t *length)
USBD_audio_GetCfgDesc Returns configuration descriptor.
static uint8_t usbd_audio_Init(void *pdev, uint8_t cfgidx)
usbd_audio_Init Initilaizes the AUDIO interface.
static uint8_t usbd_audio_DataIn(void *pdev, uint8_t epnum)
usbd_audio_DataIn Handles the audio IN data stage.
#define NULL
Definition: usbd_def.h:50
static uint8_t usbd_audio_Setup(void *pdev, USB_SETUP_REQ *req)
usbd_audio_Setup Handles the Audio control request parsing.
static uint8_t usbd_audio_SOF(void *pdev)
usbd_audio_SOF Handles the SOF event (data buffer update and synchronization).

Definition at line 164 of file usbd_audio_core.c.

uint8_t AudioCtl[64]

Definition at line 153 of file usbd_audio_core.c.

uint8_t AudioCtlCmd = 0

Definition at line 154 of file usbd_audio_core.c.

uint32_t AudioCtlLen = 0

Definition at line 155 of file usbd_audio_core.c.

uint8_t AudioCtlUnit = 0

Definition at line 156 of file usbd_audio_core.c.

uint8_t IsocOutBuff[TOTAL_OUT_BUF_SIZE *2]

Definition at line 148 of file usbd_audio_core.c.

uint8_t* IsocOutRdPtr = IsocOutBuff

Definition at line 150 of file usbd_audio_core.c.

uint8_t* IsocOutWrPtr = IsocOutBuff

Definition at line 149 of file usbd_audio_core.c.

uint32_t PlayFlag = 0

Definition at line 158 of file usbd_audio_core.c.

__IO uint32_t usbd_audio_AltSet = 0

Definition at line 160 of file usbd_audio_core.c.

static uint8_t usbd_audio_CfgDesc

Definition at line 161 of file usbd_audio_core.c.

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