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ros::StatisticsLogger::StatData Struct Reference

Public Attributes

std::list< ros::Durationage_list
std::list< ros::Timearrival_time_list
uint64_t dropped_msgs
ros::Time last_publish
uint64_t last_seq
uint64_t stat_bytes_last

Detailed Description

Definition at line 89 of file statistics.h.

Member Data Documentation

std::list<ros::Duration> ros::StatisticsLogger::StatData::age_list

Definition at line 95 of file statistics.h.

std::list<ros::Time> ros::StatisticsLogger::StatData::arrival_time_list

Definition at line 93 of file statistics.h.

uint64_t ros::StatisticsLogger::StatData::dropped_msgs

Definition at line 97 of file statistics.h.

ros::Time ros::StatisticsLogger::StatData::last_publish

Definition at line 91 of file statistics.h.

uint64_t ros::StatisticsLogger::StatData::last_seq

Definition at line 99 of file statistics.h.

uint64_t ros::StatisticsLogger::StatData::stat_bytes_last

Definition at line 101 of file statistics.h.

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