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png_struct_def Struct Reference

#include <png.h>

Public Attributes

png_uint_32 asm_flags
png_bytep avg_row
png_color_16 background
png_color_16 background_1
float background_gamma
png_byte background_gamma_type
png_bytep big_row_buf
png_byte bit_depth
png_size_t buffer_size
png_byte channels
png_bytep chunk_list
png_byte chunk_name [5]
png_charp chunkdata
png_byte color_type
png_byte compression
png_byte compression_type
png_uint_32 crc
int cur_palette
png_bytep current_buffer
png_bytep current_buffer_ptr
png_size_t current_buffer_size
png_charp current_text
png_size_t current_text_left
png_charp current_text_ptr
png_size_t current_text_size
png_bytep dither_index
png_bytep dither_sort
png_byte do_filter
png_progressive_end_ptr end_fn
png_error_ptr error_fn
png_voidp error_ptr
png_uint_16 filler
png_byte filter
png_uint_16p filter_costs
png_byte filter_type
png_uint_16p filter_weights
png_uint_32 flags
png_uint_32 flush_dist
png_uint_32 flush_rows
png_free_ptr free_fn
png_uint_32 free_me
float gamma
png_uint_16pp gamma_16_from_1
png_uint_16pp gamma_16_table
png_uint_16pp gamma_16_to_1
png_bytep gamma_from_1
int gamma_shift
png_bytep gamma_table
png_bytep gamma_to_1
png_uint_32 height
png_byte heuristic_method
png_uint_16p hist
png_uint_32 idat_size
png_bytep index_to_palette
png_progressive_info_ptr info_fn
png_fixed_point int_gamma
png_byte interlaced
png_uint_16p inv_filter_costs
png_uint_16p inv_filter_weights
png_voidp io_ptr
png_uint_32 irowbytes
png_uint_32 iwidth
jmp_buf jmpbuf
png_malloc_ptr malloc_fn
png_voidp mem_ptr
png_byte mmx_bitdepth_threshold
png_uint_32 mmx_rowbytes_threshold
png_uint_32 mng_features_permitted
png_uint_32 mode
int num_chunk_list
png_uint_16 num_palette
png_byte num_prev_filters
png_uint_32 num_rows
png_uint_16 num_trans
png_uint_32 old_big_row_buf_size
png_uint_32 old_prev_row_size
png_flush_ptr output_flush_fn
png_bytep paeth_row
png_colorp palette
png_bytep palette_lookup
png_bytep palette_to_index
png_byte pass
png_byte pixel_depth
png_bytep prev_filters
png_bytep prev_row
int process_mode
png_uint_32 push_length
png_rw_ptr read_data_fn
png_read_status_ptr read_row_fn
png_user_chunk_ptr read_user_chunk_fn
png_user_transform_ptr read_user_transform_fn
png_uint_16 rgb_to_gray_blue_coeff
png_uint_16 rgb_to_gray_green_coeff
png_uint_16 rgb_to_gray_red_coeff
png_byte rgb_to_gray_status
png_bytep row_buf
png_progressive_row_ptr row_fn
png_row_info row_info
png_uint_32 row_number
png_uint_32 rowbytes
png_bytep save_buffer
png_size_t save_buffer_max
png_bytep save_buffer_ptr
png_size_t save_buffer_size
float screen_gamma
png_color_8 shift
png_color_8 sig_bit
png_byte sig_bytes
png_uint_32 skip_length
png_bytep sub_row
png_charp time_buffer
png_bytep trans
png_color_16 trans_values
png_uint_32 transformations
png_unknown_chunk unknown_chunk
png_bytep up_row
png_voidp user_chunk_ptr
png_uint_32 user_height_max
png_byte user_transform_channels
png_byte user_transform_depth
png_voidp user_transform_ptr
png_uint_32 user_width_max
png_byte usr_bit_depth
png_byte usr_channels
png_uint_32 usr_width
png_error_ptr warning_fn
png_uint_32 width
png_rw_ptr write_data_fn
png_write_status_ptr write_row_fn
png_user_transform_ptr write_user_transform_fn
png_bytep zbuf
png_size_t zbuf_size
int zlib_level
int zlib_mem_level
int zlib_method
int zlib_strategy
int zlib_window_bits
z_stream zstream

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1169 of file png.h.

Member Data Documentation

png_uint_32 png_struct_def::asm_flags

Definition at line 1423 of file png.h.

png_bytep png_struct_def::avg_row

Definition at line 1225 of file png.h.

png_color_16 png_struct_def::background

Definition at line 1262 of file png.h.

png_color_16 png_struct_def::background_1

Definition at line 1264 of file png.h.

float png_struct_def::background_gamma

Definition at line 1260 of file png.h.

png_byte png_struct_def::background_gamma_type

Definition at line 1258 of file png.h.

png_bytep png_struct_def::big_row_buf

Definition at line 1435 of file png.h.

png_byte png_struct_def::bit_depth

Definition at line 1242 of file png.h.

png_size_t png_struct_def::buffer_size

Definition at line 1319 of file png.h.

png_byte png_struct_def::channels

Definition at line 1245 of file png.h.

png_bytep png_struct_def::chunk_list

Definition at line 1377 of file png.h.

png_byte png_struct_def::chunk_name[5]

Definition at line 1235 of file png.h.

png_charp png_struct_def::chunkdata

Definition at line 1464 of file png.h.

png_byte png_struct_def::color_type

Definition at line 1241 of file png.h.

png_byte png_struct_def::compression

Definition at line 1236 of file png.h.

png_byte png_struct_def::compression_type

Definition at line 1447 of file png.h.

png_uint_32 png_struct_def::crc

Definition at line 1231 of file png.h.

int png_struct_def::cur_palette

Definition at line 1322 of file png.h.

png_bytep png_struct_def::current_buffer

Definition at line 1314 of file png.h.

png_bytep png_struct_def::current_buffer_ptr

Definition at line 1313 of file png.h.

png_size_t png_struct_def::current_buffer_size

Definition at line 1320 of file png.h.

png_charp png_struct_def::current_text

Definition at line 1327 of file png.h.

png_size_t png_struct_def::current_text_left

Definition at line 1326 of file png.h.

png_charp png_struct_def::current_text_ptr

Definition at line 1328 of file png.h.

png_size_t png_struct_def::current_text_size

Definition at line 1325 of file png.h.

png_bytep png_struct_def::dither_index

Definition at line 1343 of file png.h.

png_bytep png_struct_def::dither_sort

Definition at line 1439 of file png.h.

png_byte png_struct_def::do_filter

Definition at line 1240 of file png.h.

png_progressive_end_ptr png_struct_def::end_fn

Definition at line 1310 of file png.h.

png_error_ptr png_struct_def::error_fn

Definition at line 1174 of file png.h.

png_voidp png_struct_def::error_ptr

Definition at line 1176 of file png.h.

png_uint_16 png_struct_def::filler

Definition at line 1253 of file png.h.

png_byte png_struct_def::filter

Definition at line 1237 of file png.h.

png_uint_16p png_struct_def::filter_costs

Definition at line 1356 of file png.h.

png_byte png_struct_def::filter_type

Definition at line 1408 of file png.h.

png_uint_16p png_struct_def::filter_weights

Definition at line 1354 of file png.h.

png_uint_32 png_struct_def::flags

Definition at line 1200 of file png.h.

png_uint_32 png_struct_def::flush_dist

Definition at line 1270 of file png.h.

png_uint_32 png_struct_def::flush_rows

Definition at line 1271 of file png.h.

png_free_ptr png_struct_def::free_fn

Definition at line 1431 of file png.h.

png_uint_32 png_struct_def::free_me

Definition at line 1367 of file png.h.

float png_struct_def::gamma

Definition at line 1277 of file png.h.

png_uint_16pp png_struct_def::gamma_16_from_1

Definition at line 1287 of file png.h.

png_uint_16pp png_struct_def::gamma_16_table

Definition at line 1286 of file png.h.

png_uint_16pp png_struct_def::gamma_16_to_1

Definition at line 1288 of file png.h.

png_bytep png_struct_def::gamma_from_1

Definition at line 1284 of file png.h.

int png_struct_def::gamma_shift

Definition at line 1275 of file png.h.

png_bytep png_struct_def::gamma_table

Definition at line 1283 of file png.h.

png_bytep png_struct_def::gamma_to_1

Definition at line 1285 of file png.h.

png_uint_32 png_struct_def::height

Definition at line 1213 of file png.h.

png_byte png_struct_def::heuristic_method

Definition at line 1351 of file png.h.

png_uint_16p png_struct_def::hist

Definition at line 1347 of file png.h.

png_uint_32 png_struct_def::idat_size

Definition at line 1230 of file png.h.

png_bytep png_struct_def::index_to_palette

Definition at line 1440 of file png.h.

png_progressive_info_ptr png_struct_def::info_fn

Definition at line 1308 of file png.h.

png_fixed_point png_struct_def::int_gamma

Definition at line 1403 of file png.h.

png_byte png_struct_def::interlaced

Definition at line 1238 of file png.h.

png_uint_16p png_struct_def::inv_filter_costs

Definition at line 1357 of file png.h.

png_uint_16p png_struct_def::inv_filter_weights

Definition at line 1355 of file png.h.

png_voidp png_struct_def::io_ptr

Definition at line 1179 of file png.h.

png_uint_32 png_struct_def::irowbytes

Definition at line 1217 of file png.h.

png_uint_32 png_struct_def::iwidth

Definition at line 1218 of file png.h.

jmp_buf png_struct_def::jmpbuf

Definition at line 1172 of file png.h.

png_malloc_ptr png_struct_def::malloc_fn

Definition at line 1430 of file png.h.

png_voidp png_struct_def::mem_ptr

Definition at line 1429 of file png.h.

png_byte png_struct_def::mmx_bitdepth_threshold

Definition at line 1420 of file png.h.

png_uint_32 png_struct_def::mmx_rowbytes_threshold

Definition at line 1421 of file png.h.

png_uint_32 png_struct_def::mng_features_permitted

Definition at line 1397 of file png.h.

png_uint_32 png_struct_def::mode

Definition at line 1199 of file png.h.

int png_struct_def::num_chunk_list

Definition at line 1376 of file png.h.

png_uint_16 png_struct_def::num_palette

Definition at line 1233 of file png.h.

png_byte png_struct_def::num_prev_filters

Definition at line 1352 of file png.h.

png_uint_32 png_struct_def::num_rows

Definition at line 1214 of file png.h.

png_uint_16 png_struct_def::num_trans

Definition at line 1234 of file png.h.

png_uint_32 png_struct_def::old_big_row_buf_size

Definition at line 1461 of file png.h.

png_uint_32 png_struct_def::old_prev_row_size

Definition at line 1461 of file png.h.

png_flush_ptr png_struct_def::output_flush_fn

Definition at line 1269 of file png.h.

png_bytep png_struct_def::paeth_row

Definition at line 1226 of file png.h.

png_colorp png_struct_def::palette

Definition at line 1232 of file png.h.

png_bytep png_struct_def::palette_lookup

Definition at line 1342 of file png.h.

png_bytep png_struct_def::palette_to_index

Definition at line 1442 of file png.h.

png_byte png_struct_def::pass

Definition at line 1239 of file png.h.

png_byte png_struct_def::pixel_depth

Definition at line 1244 of file png.h.

png_bytep png_struct_def::prev_filters

Definition at line 1353 of file png.h.

png_bytep png_struct_def::prev_row

Definition at line 1220 of file png.h.

int png_struct_def::process_mode

Definition at line 1321 of file png.h.

png_uint_32 png_struct_def::push_length

Definition at line 1315 of file png.h.

png_rw_ptr png_struct_def::read_data_fn

Definition at line 1178 of file png.h.

png_read_status_ptr png_struct_def::read_row_fn

Definition at line 1305 of file png.h.

png_user_chunk_ptr png_struct_def::read_user_chunk_fn

Definition at line 1372 of file png.h.

png_user_transform_ptr png_struct_def::read_user_transform_fn

Definition at line 1182 of file png.h.

png_uint_16 png_struct_def::rgb_to_gray_blue_coeff

Definition at line 1386 of file png.h.

png_uint_16 png_struct_def::rgb_to_gray_green_coeff

Definition at line 1385 of file png.h.

png_uint_16 png_struct_def::rgb_to_gray_red_coeff

Definition at line 1384 of file png.h.

png_byte png_struct_def::rgb_to_gray_status

Definition at line 1382 of file png.h.

png_bytep png_struct_def::row_buf

Definition at line 1221 of file png.h.

png_progressive_row_ptr png_struct_def::row_fn

Definition at line 1309 of file png.h.

png_row_info png_struct_def::row_info

Definition at line 1228 of file png.h.

png_uint_32 png_struct_def::row_number

Definition at line 1219 of file png.h.

png_uint_32 png_struct_def::rowbytes

Definition at line 1216 of file png.h.

png_bytep png_struct_def::save_buffer

Definition at line 1312 of file png.h.

png_size_t png_struct_def::save_buffer_max

Definition at line 1318 of file png.h.

png_bytep png_struct_def::save_buffer_ptr

Definition at line 1311 of file png.h.

png_size_t png_struct_def::save_buffer_size

Definition at line 1317 of file png.h.

float png_struct_def::screen_gamma

Definition at line 1278 of file png.h.

png_color_8 png_struct_def::shift

Definition at line 1296 of file png.h.

png_color_8 png_struct_def::sig_bit

Definition at line 1292 of file png.h.

png_byte png_struct_def::sig_bytes

Definition at line 1247 of file png.h.

png_uint_32 png_struct_def::skip_length

Definition at line 1316 of file png.h.

png_bytep png_struct_def::sub_row

Definition at line 1223 of file png.h.

png_charp png_struct_def::time_buffer

Definition at line 1361 of file png.h.

png_bytep png_struct_def::trans

Definition at line 1301 of file png.h.

png_color_16 png_struct_def::trans_values

Definition at line 1302 of file png.h.

png_uint_32 png_struct_def::transformations

Definition at line 1201 of file png.h.

png_unknown_chunk png_struct_def::unknown_chunk

Definition at line 1457 of file png.h.

png_bytep png_struct_def::up_row

Definition at line 1224 of file png.h.

png_voidp png_struct_def::user_chunk_ptr

Definition at line 1371 of file png.h.

png_uint_32 png_struct_def::user_height_max

Definition at line 1451 of file png.h.

png_byte png_struct_def::user_transform_channels

Definition at line 1195 of file png.h.

png_byte png_struct_def::user_transform_depth

Definition at line 1194 of file png.h.

png_voidp png_struct_def::user_transform_ptr

Definition at line 1193 of file png.h.

png_uint_32 png_struct_def::user_width_max

Definition at line 1450 of file png.h.

png_byte png_struct_def::usr_bit_depth

Definition at line 1243 of file png.h.

png_byte png_struct_def::usr_channels

Definition at line 1246 of file png.h.

png_uint_32 png_struct_def::usr_width

Definition at line 1215 of file png.h.

png_error_ptr png_struct_def::warning_fn

Definition at line 1175 of file png.h.

png_uint_32 png_struct_def::width

Definition at line 1212 of file png.h.

png_rw_ptr png_struct_def::write_data_fn

Definition at line 1177 of file png.h.

png_write_status_ptr png_struct_def::write_row_fn

Definition at line 1306 of file png.h.

png_user_transform_ptr png_struct_def::write_user_transform_fn

Definition at line 1186 of file png.h.

png_bytep png_struct_def::zbuf

Definition at line 1204 of file png.h.

png_size_t png_struct_def::zbuf_size

Definition at line 1205 of file png.h.

int png_struct_def::zlib_level

Definition at line 1206 of file png.h.

int png_struct_def::zlib_mem_level

Definition at line 1209 of file png.h.

int png_struct_def::zlib_method

Definition at line 1207 of file png.h.

int png_struct_def::zlib_strategy

Definition at line 1210 of file png.h.

int png_struct_def::zlib_window_bits

Definition at line 1208 of file png.h.

z_stream png_struct_def::zstream

Definition at line 1203 of file png.h.

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