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pngwtran.c File Reference
#include "png.h"
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void png_do_pack (png_row_infop row_info, png_bytep row, png_uint_32 bit_depth)
void png_do_shift (png_row_infop row_info, png_bytep row, png_color_8p bit_depth)
void png_do_write_intrapixel (png_row_infop row_info, png_bytep row)
void png_do_write_invert_alpha (png_row_infop row_info, png_bytep row)
void png_do_write_swap_alpha (png_row_infop row_info, png_bytep row)
void png_do_write_transformations (png_structp png_ptr)

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Definition at line 11 of file pngwtran.c.

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void png_do_pack ( png_row_infop  row_info,
png_bytep  row,
png_uint_32  bit_depth 

Definition at line 87 of file pngwtran.c.

void png_do_shift ( png_row_infop  row_info,
png_bytep  row,
png_color_8p  bit_depth 

Definition at line 213 of file pngwtran.c.

void png_do_write_intrapixel ( png_row_infop  row_info,
png_bytep  row 

Definition at line 515 of file pngwtran.c.

void png_do_write_invert_alpha ( png_row_infop  row_info,
png_bytep  row 

Definition at line 425 of file pngwtran.c.

void png_do_write_swap_alpha ( png_row_infop  row_info,
png_bytep  row 

Definition at line 337 of file pngwtran.c.

void png_do_write_transformations ( png_structp  png_ptr)

Definition at line 19 of file pngwtran.c.

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