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win-helpers.h File Reference
#include "usb/usb-types.h"
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <windows.h>
#include <cfgmgr32.h>
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class  librealsense::platform::auto_reset_event
class  librealsense::platform::cm_node
class  librealsense::platform::event_base
class  librealsense::platform::manual_reset_event
class  librealsense::platform::named_mutex
class  librealsense::platform::winapi_error




#define CHECK_HR(x)   check(#x, x);
#define LOG_HR(x)   check(#x, x, false);
#define NOMINMAX
#define WAIT_FOR_MUTEX_TIME_OUT   (5000)


enum  librealsense::platform::create_and_open_status { librealsense::platform::Mutex_Succeed, librealsense::platform::Mutex_TotalFailure, librealsense::platform::Mutex_AlreadyExist }


bool librealsense::platform::check (const char *call, HRESULT hr, bool to_throw)
bool librealsense::platform::get_usb_descriptors (uint16_t device_vid, uint16_t device_pid, const std::string &device_uid, std::string &location, usb_spec &spec, std::string &serial)
bool librealsense::platform::get_usb_device_descriptors (DEVINST devinst, uint16_t device_vid, uint16_t device_pid, const std::string &device_uid, std::string &location, usb_spec &spec, std::string &serial, std::string &parent_uid)
std::wstring librealsense::platform::instance_id_from_device_path (LPCWSTR path)
bool librealsense::platform::is_win10_redstone2 ()
bool librealsense::platform::parse_usb_path_multiple_interface (uint16_t &vid, uint16_t &pid, uint16_t &mi, std::string &unique_id, const std::string &path, std::string &device_guid)
bool librealsense::platform::parse_usb_path_single_interface (uint16_t &vid, uint16_t &pid, std::string &serial, const std::string &path)
std::vector< std::stringlibrealsense::platform::tokenize (std::string string, char separator)
std::string librealsense::platform::win_to_utf (const WCHAR *s)

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#define CHECK_HR (   x)    check(#x, x);

Definition at line 23 of file win-helpers.h.

#define LOG_HR (   x)    check(#x, x, false);

Definition at line 24 of file win-helpers.h.

#define NOMINMAX

Definition at line 6 of file win-helpers.h.

#define WAIT_FOR_MUTEX_TIME_OUT   (5000)

Definition at line 16 of file win-helpers.h.

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