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unit-test-long.cpp File Reference
#include <cmath>
#include "unit-tests-common.h"
#include <librealsense2/hpp/rs_types.hpp>
#include <librealsense2/hpp/rs_frame.hpp>
#include <iostream>
#include <chrono>
#include <ctime>
#include <algorithm>
#include <librealsense2/rsutil.h>
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struct  global_time_test_meta_data
struct  time_results


std::shared_ptr< std::map< rs2_stream, int > > count_streams_frames (const context &ctx, const sensor &sub, int num_of_frames)
void run_sensor (rs2::sensor subdevice, rs2::stream_profile profile, bool enable_gts, int iter, double &max_diff_system_global_time)
 TEST_CASE ("global-time-start","[live]")
 TEST_CASE ("test-depth-only","[live]")

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std::shared_ptr<std::map<rs2_stream, int> > count_streams_frames ( const context ctx,
const sensor sub,
int  num_of_frames 

Definition at line 420 of file unit-test-long.cpp.

void run_sensor ( rs2::sensor  subdevice,
rs2::stream_profile  profile,
bool  enable_gts,
int  iter,
double &  max_diff_system_global_time 

Definition at line 228 of file unit-test-long.cpp.

TEST_CASE ( "global-time-start ,
""  [live] 

Definition at line 329 of file unit-test-long.cpp.

TEST_CASE ( "test-depth-only"  ,
""  [live] 

Definition at line 488 of file unit-test-long.cpp.

Author(s): Sergey Dorodnicov , Doron Hirshberg , Mark Horn , Reagan Lopez , Itay Carpis
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