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uvc_input_terminal Struct Reference

#include <uvc-types.h>

Public Attributes

uint64_t bmControls
uint8_t bTerminalID
uint16_t wObjectiveFocalLengthMax
uint16_t wObjectiveFocalLengthMin
uint16_t wOcularFocalLength
enum uvc_it_type wTerminalType

Detailed Description

Definition at line 262 of file uvc-types.h.

Member Data Documentation

uint64_t uvc_input_terminal::bmControls

Camera controls (meaning of bits given in {uvc_ct_ctrl_selector})

Definition at line 271 of file uvc-types.h.

uint8_t uvc_input_terminal::bTerminalID

Index of the terminal within the device

Definition at line 264 of file uvc-types.h.

uint16_t uvc_input_terminal::wObjectiveFocalLengthMax

Definition at line 268 of file uvc-types.h.

uint16_t uvc_input_terminal::wObjectiveFocalLengthMin

Definition at line 267 of file uvc-types.h.

uint16_t uvc_input_terminal::wOcularFocalLength

Definition at line 269 of file uvc-types.h.

enum uvc_it_type uvc_input_terminal::wTerminalType

Type of terminal (e.g., camera)

Definition at line 266 of file uvc-types.h.

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