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librealsense::md_depth_control Struct Reference

md_depth_control - depth data-related parameters. Corresponds to FW's STMetaDataIntelDepthControl object More...

#include <metadata.h>

Public Attributes

uint32_t auto_exposure_mode
uint8_t emitterMode
uint32_t exposure_priority
uint32_t exposure_roi_bottom
uint32_t exposure_roi_left
uint32_t exposure_roi_right
uint32_t exposure_roi_top
uint32_t flags
md_header header
uint32_t laser_power
uint16_t ledPower
uint32_t manual_exposure
uint32_t manual_gain
uint32_t preset
uint8_t reserved
uint32_t version

Detailed Description

md_depth_control - depth data-related parameters. Corresponds to FW's STMetaDataIntelDepthControl object

Definition at line 375 of file src/metadata.h.

Member Data Documentation

uint32_t librealsense::md_depth_control::auto_exposure_mode

Definition at line 383 of file src/metadata.h.

uint8_t librealsense::md_depth_control::emitterMode

Definition at line 390 of file src/metadata.h.

uint32_t librealsense::md_depth_control::exposure_priority

Definition at line 384 of file src/metadata.h.

uint32_t librealsense::md_depth_control::exposure_roi_bottom

Definition at line 388 of file src/metadata.h.

uint32_t librealsense::md_depth_control::exposure_roi_left

Definition at line 385 of file src/metadata.h.

uint32_t librealsense::md_depth_control::exposure_roi_right

Definition at line 386 of file src/metadata.h.

uint32_t librealsense::md_depth_control::exposure_roi_top

Definition at line 387 of file src/metadata.h.

uint32_t librealsense::md_depth_control::flags

Definition at line 379 of file src/metadata.h.

md_header librealsense::md_depth_control::header

Definition at line 377 of file src/metadata.h.

uint32_t librealsense::md_depth_control::laser_power

Definition at line 382 of file src/metadata.h.

uint16_t librealsense::md_depth_control::ledPower

Definition at line 392 of file src/metadata.h.

uint32_t librealsense::md_depth_control::manual_exposure

Definition at line 381 of file src/metadata.h.

uint32_t librealsense::md_depth_control::manual_gain

Definition at line 380 of file src/metadata.h.

uint32_t librealsense::md_depth_control::preset

Definition at line 389 of file src/metadata.h.

uint8_t librealsense::md_depth_control::reserved

Definition at line 391 of file src/metadata.h.

uint32_t librealsense::md_depth_control::version

Definition at line 378 of file src/metadata.h.

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