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rs-trajectory.cpp File Reference
#include <librealsense2/rs.hpp>
#include "example.hpp"
#include <cstring>
#include "t265.h"
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class  camera_renderer
struct  short3
class  split_screen_renderer
struct  tracked_point
class  tracker
class  view
class  view_2d
class  view_3d


typedef float rs2_vector::* pos


float display_scale (float scale_factor, float x_pos, float y_pos)
void draw_axes ()
void draw_borders ()
void draw_grid ()
int main (int argc, char *argv[])
void render_scene (glfw_state app_state)

Typedef Documentation

typedef float rs2_vector::* pos

Definition at line 252 of file rs-trajectory.cpp.

Function Documentation

float display_scale ( float  scale_factor,
float  x_pos,
float  y_pos 

Definition at line 212 of file rs-trajectory.cpp.

void draw_axes ( )

Definition at line 243 of file rs-trajectory.cpp.

void draw_borders ( )

Definition at line 197 of file rs-trajectory.cpp.

void draw_grid ( )

Definition at line 158 of file rs-trajectory.cpp.

int main ( int  argc,
char *  argv[] 

Definition at line 440 of file rs-trajectory.cpp.

void render_scene ( glfw_state  app_state)

Definition at line 175 of file rs-trajectory.cpp.

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