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nuklear_glfw_gl2.h File Reference
#include <GLFW/glfw3.h>
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enum  nk_glfw_init_state { NK_GLFW3_DEFAULT = 0, NK_GLFW3_INSTALL_CALLBACKS }


NK_API void nk_gflw3_scroll_callback (GLFWwindow *win, double xoff, double yoff)
NK_API void nk_glfw3_char_callback (GLFWwindow *win, unsigned int codepoint)
NK_API void nk_glfw3_font_stash_begin (struct nk_font_atlas **atlas)
NK_API void nk_glfw3_font_stash_end (void)
NK_API struct nk_contextnk_glfw3_init (GLFWwindow *win, enum nk_glfw_init_state)
NK_API void nk_glfw3_new_frame (void)
NK_API void nk_glfw3_render (enum nk_anti_aliasing)
NK_API void nk_glfw3_shutdown (void)

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Definition at line 18 of file nuklear_glfw_gl2.h.

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NK_API void nk_gflw3_scroll_callback ( GLFWwindow win,
double  xoff,
double  yoff 
NK_API void nk_glfw3_char_callback ( GLFWwindow win,
unsigned int  codepoint 
NK_API void nk_glfw3_font_stash_begin ( struct nk_font_atlas **  atlas)
NK_API void nk_glfw3_font_stash_end ( void  )
NK_API struct nk_context* nk_glfw3_init ( GLFWwindow win,
enum  nk_glfw_init_state 
NK_API void nk_glfw3_new_frame ( void  )
NK_API void nk_glfw3_render ( enum  nk_anti_aliasing)
NK_API void nk_glfw3_shutdown ( void  )

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