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realsense_device_manager Namespace Reference


class  Device
class  DeviceManager


def enumerate_connected_devices (context)
def post_process_depth_frame (depth_frame, decimation_magnitude=1.0, spatial_magnitude=2.0, spatial_smooth_alpha=0.5, spatial_smooth_delta=20, temporal_smooth_alpha=0.4, temporal_smooth_delta=20)


 c = rs.config()
 device_extrinsics = device_manager.get_depth_to_color_extrinsics(frames)
 device_manager = DeviceManager(rs.context(), c)
 frames = device_manager.poll_frames()

Function Documentation

def realsense_device_manager.enumerate_connected_devices (   context)
Enumerate the connected Intel RealSense devices

context            : rs.context()
                 The context created for using the realsense library

connect_device : array
                 Array of enumerated devices which are connected to the PC

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def realsense_device_manager.post_process_depth_frame (   depth_frame,
  decimation_magnitude = 1.0,
  spatial_magnitude = 2.0,
  spatial_smooth_alpha = 0.5,
  spatial_smooth_delta = 20,
  temporal_smooth_alpha = 0.4,
  temporal_smooth_delta = 20 
Filter the depth frame acquired using the Intel RealSense device

depth_frame          : rs.frame()
                       The depth frame to be post-processed
decimation_magnitude : double
                       The magnitude of the decimation filter
spatial_magnitude    : double
                       The magnitude of the spatial filter
spatial_smooth_alpha : double
                       The alpha value for spatial filter based smoothening
spatial_smooth_delta : double
                       The delta value for spatial filter based smoothening
temporal_smooth_alpha: double
                       The alpha value for temporal filter based smoothening
temporal_smooth_delta: double
                       The delta value for temporal filter based smoothening

filtered_frame : rs.frame()
                 The post-processed depth frame

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Variable Documentation

realsense_device_manager.c = rs.config()

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realsense_device_manager.device_extrinsics = device_manager.get_depth_to_color_extrinsics(frames)

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realsense_device_manager.device_manager = DeviceManager(rs.context(), c)

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realsense_device_manager.frames = device_manager.poll_frames()

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