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getopt.h File Reference
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struct  option


int getopt (int argc, char *const argv[], const char *optstring)
int getopt_long (int argc, char *const argv[], const char *optstring, const struct option *longopts, int *longindex)


const int no_argument
char * optarg
int opterr
int optind
const int optional_argument
int optopt
const int required_argument

Function Documentation

int getopt ( int  argc,
char *const  argv[],
const char *  optstring 

Definition at line 52 of file getopt.c.

int getopt_long ( int  argc,
char *const  argv[],
const char *  optstring,
const struct option longopts,
int *  longindex 

Definition at line 158 of file getopt.c.

Variable Documentation

const int no_argument

Definition at line 32 of file getopt.c.

char* optarg

Definition at line 36 of file getopt.c.

int opterr

Definition at line 40 of file getopt.c.

int optind

Definition at line 39 of file getopt.c.

const int optional_argument

Definition at line 34 of file getopt.c.

int optopt

Definition at line 37 of file getopt.c.

const int required_argument

Definition at line 33 of file getopt.c.

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