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egl_context.c File Reference
#include "internal.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <assert.h>
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#define setAttrib(a, v)


GLFWbool _glfwCreateContextEGL (_GLFWwindow *window, const _GLFWctxconfig *ctxconfig, const _GLFWfbconfig *fbconfig)
GLFWbool _glfwInitEGL (void)
void _glfwTerminateEGL (void)
static GLFWbool chooseEGLConfig (const _GLFWctxconfig *ctxconfig, const _GLFWfbconfig *desired, EGLConfig *result)
static void destroyContextEGL (_GLFWwindow *window)
static int extensionSupportedEGL (const char *extension)
static int getEGLConfigAttrib (EGLConfig config, int attrib)
static const char * getEGLErrorString (EGLint error)
static GLFWglproc getProcAddressEGL (const char *procname)
GLFWAPI EGLContext glfwGetEGLContext (GLFWwindow *handle)
GLFWAPI EGLDisplay glfwGetEGLDisplay (void)
GLFWAPI EGLSurface glfwGetEGLSurface (GLFWwindow *handle)
static void makeContextCurrentEGL (_GLFWwindow *window)
static void swapBuffersEGL (_GLFWwindow *window)
static void swapIntervalEGL (int interval)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define setAttrib (   a,
{ \
assert((size_t) (index + 1) < sizeof(attribs) / sizeof(attribs[0])); \
attribs[index++] = v; \
const GLint * attribs
Definition: glext.h:11230
GLuint index
GLboolean GLboolean GLboolean GLboolean a
GLdouble v

Definition at line 447 of file egl_context.c.

Function Documentation

GLFWbool _glfwCreateContextEGL ( _GLFWwindow window,
const _GLFWctxconfig ctxconfig,
const _GLFWfbconfig fbconfig 

Definition at line 456 of file egl_context.c.

GLFWbool _glfwInitEGL ( void  )

Definition at line 300 of file egl_context.c.

void _glfwTerminateEGL ( void  )

Definition at line 432 of file egl_context.c.

static GLFWbool chooseEGLConfig ( const _GLFWctxconfig ctxconfig,
const _GLFWfbconfig desired,
EGLConfig result 

Definition at line 88 of file egl_context.c.

static void destroyContextEGL ( _GLFWwindow window)

Definition at line 265 of file egl_context.c.

static int extensionSupportedEGL ( const char *  extension)

Definition at line 238 of file egl_context.c.

static int getEGLConfigAttrib ( EGLConfig  config,
int  attrib 

Definition at line 79 of file egl_context.c.

static const char* getEGLErrorString ( EGLint  error)

Definition at line 38 of file egl_context.c.

static GLFWglproc getProcAddressEGL ( const char *  procname)

Definition at line 250 of file egl_context.c.

GLFWAPI EGLContext glfwGetEGLContext ( GLFWwindow handle)

Definition at line 759 of file egl_context.c.

GLFWAPI EGLDisplay glfwGetEGLDisplay ( void  )

Definition at line 753 of file egl_context.c.

GLFWAPI EGLSurface glfwGetEGLSurface ( GLFWwindow handle)

Definition at line 773 of file egl_context.c.

static void makeContextCurrentEGL ( _GLFWwindow window)

Definition at line 189 of file egl_context.c.

static void swapBuffersEGL ( _GLFWwindow window)

Definition at line 221 of file egl_context.c.

static void swapIntervalEGL ( int  interval)

Definition at line 233 of file egl_context.c.

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