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librealsense::gl::gpu_depth_frame Class Reference

#include <synthetic-stream-gl.h>

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- Public Member Functions inherited from librealsense::gl::gpu_addon< depth_frame >
const byteget_frame_data () const override
virtual gpu_sectionget_gpu_section () override
 gpu_addon ()
 gpu_addon (gpu_addon &&other)
gpu_addonoperator= (gpu_addon &&other)
frame_interfacepublish (std::shared_ptr< archive_interface > new_owner) override
void unpublish () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from librealsense::depth_frame
 depth_frame ()
float get_distance (int x, int y) const
float get_units () const
void keep () override
void set_original (frame_holder h)
- Public Member Functions inherited from librealsense::video_frame
void assign (int width, int height, int stride, int bpp)
int get_bpp () const
int get_height () const
int get_stride () const
int get_width () const
 video_frame ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from librealsense::frame
void acquire () override
void attach_continuation (frame_continuation &&continuation) override
void disable_continuation () override
 frame ()
 frame (const frame &r)=delete
 frame (frame &&r)
rs2_time_t get_frame_callback_start_time_point () const override
int get_frame_data_size () const override
rs2_metadata_type get_frame_metadata (const rs2_frame_metadata_value &frame_metadata) const override
unsigned long long get_frame_number () const override
rs2_time_t get_frame_system_time () const override
rs2_time_t get_frame_timestamp () const override
rs2_timestamp_domain get_frame_timestamp_domain () const override
archive_interfaceget_owner () const override
std::shared_ptr< sensor_interfaceget_sensor () const override
std::shared_ptr< stream_profile_interfaceget_stream () const override
bool is_blocking () const override
bool is_fixed () const override
void log_callback_end (rs2_time_t timestamp) const override
void log_callback_start (rs2_time_t timestamp) override
void mark_fixed () override
frameoperator= (const frame &r)=delete
frameoperator= (frame &&r)
void release () override
void set_blocking (bool state) override
void set_sensor (std::shared_ptr< sensor_interface > s) override
void set_stream (std::shared_ptr< stream_profile_interface > sp) override
void set_timestamp (double new_ts) override
void set_timestamp_domain (rs2_timestamp_domain timestamp_domain) override
bool supports_frame_metadata (const rs2_frame_metadata_value &frame_metadata) const override
void update_frame_callback_start_ts (rs2_time_t ts) override
virtual ~frame ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from librealsense::frame_interface
virtual ~frame_interface ()=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from librealsense::sensor_part
virtual ~sensor_part ()=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from librealsense::gl::gpu_addon_interface
virtual ~gpu_addon_interface ()=default
- Public Attributes inherited from librealsense::frame
frame_additional_data additional_data
std::vector< bytedata
std::shared_ptr< metadata_parser_mapmetadata_parsers = nullptr
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from librealsense::depth_frame
static float query_units (const std::shared_ptr< sensor_interface > &sensor)
- Protected Attributes inherited from librealsense::depth_frame
optional_value< float > _depth_units
frame_holder _original

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