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ARealSenseInspector Class Reference

#include <RealSenseInspector.h>

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struct  FMeshSection

Public Member Functions

void SetPointCloudMaterial (int SectionId, UMaterialInterface *Material)
virtual bool Start ()
virtual void Stop ()
virtual ~ARealSenseInspector ()

Public Attributes

class URealSenseDeviceActiveDevice
bool bAlignDepthToColor = true
bool bEnableColor = true
bool bEnableColorizedDepth = true
bool bEnableInfrared = true
bool bEnablePcl = false
bool bEnablePolling = false
bool bEnableRawDepth = true
bool bEqualizeHistogram = true
FString CaptureFile
FRealSenseStreamMode ColorConfig
UTexture2D * ColorTexture
class URealSenseContextContext
UTexture2D * DepthColorizedTexture
ERealSenseDepthColormap DepthColormap
FRealSenseStreamMode DepthConfig
float DepthMax = 10
float DepthMin = 0
UTexture2D * DepthRawTexture
float DepthScale = 0.001f
FString DeviceSerial
FRealSenseStreamMode InfraredConfig
UTexture2D * InfraredTexture
float PclDensity = 0.2f
class UMaterialInterface * PclMaterial
class URuntimeMeshComponent * PclMesh
float PclRenderRate = 5
float PclScale = 1.0f
float PclVoxelSize = 1.0f
ERealSensePipelineMode PipelineMode = ERealSensePipelineMode::CaptureOnly
float PollFrameRate = 1.0f / 60.0f
float WaitFrameTimeout = 1.0f

Protected Member Functions

virtual void Tick (float DeltaSeconds) override

Private Member Functions

void EnsureProfileSupported (class URealSenseDevice *Device, ERealSenseStreamType StreamType, ERealSenseFormatType Format, FRealSenseStreamMode Mode)
void GetDeviceDefaultProfileConfig ()
void PollFrames ()
void ProcessFrameset (class rs2::frameset *Frameset)
void ThreadProc ()
void UpdatePointCloud ()
void WaitFrames ()

Private Attributes

TUniquePtr< class FDynamicTextureColorDtex
TUniquePtr< class FDynamicTextureDepthColorizedDtex
TUniquePtr< class FDynamicTextureDepthRawDtex
volatile int FramesetId = 0
TUniquePtr< class FDynamicTextureInfraredDtex
volatile int PclCalculateFlag = false
int PclFramesetId = 0
TMap< int32, TUniquePtr< FMeshSection > > PclMeshData
volatile int PclReadyFlag = false
float PclRenderAccum = 0
FCriticalSection PointCloudMx
TUniquePtr< class rs2::alignRsAlign
TUniquePtr< class rs2::deviceRsDevice
TUniquePtr< class rs2::pipelineRsPipeline
TUniquePtr< class rs2::pointcloudRsPointCloud
TUniquePtr< class rs2::pointsRsPoints
volatile int StartedFlag = false
FCriticalSection StateMx
TUniquePtr< class FRunnableThread > Thread
TUniquePtr< class FRealSenseInspectorWorkerWorker


class FRealSenseInspectorCustomization
class FRealSenseInspectorWorker

Detailed Description

Definition at line 12 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ARealSenseInspector::~ARealSenseInspector ( )

Definition at line 41 of file RealSenseInspector.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void ARealSenseInspector::EnsureProfileSupported ( class URealSenseDevice Device,
ERealSenseStreamType  StreamType,
ERealSenseFormatType  Format,
FRealSenseStreamMode  Mode 

Definition at line 713 of file RealSenseInspector.cpp.

void ARealSenseInspector::GetDeviceDefaultProfileConfig ( )

Definition at line 48 of file RealSenseInspector.cpp.

void ARealSenseInspector::PollFrames ( )

Definition at line 399 of file RealSenseInspector.cpp.

void ARealSenseInspector::ProcessFrameset ( class rs2::frameset Frameset)

Definition at line 453 of file RealSenseInspector.cpp.

void ARealSenseInspector::SetPointCloudMaterial ( int  SectionId,
UMaterialInterface *  Material 

Definition at line 701 of file RealSenseInspector.cpp.

bool ARealSenseInspector::Start ( )

Definition at line 125 of file RealSenseInspector.cpp.

void ARealSenseInspector::Stop ( )

Definition at line 295 of file RealSenseInspector.cpp.

void ARealSenseInspector::ThreadProc ( )

Definition at line 372 of file RealSenseInspector.cpp.

void ARealSenseInspector::Tick ( float  DeltaSeconds)

Definition at line 522 of file RealSenseInspector.cpp.

void ARealSenseInspector::UpdatePointCloud ( )

Definition at line 553 of file RealSenseInspector.cpp.

void ARealSenseInspector::WaitFrames ( )

Definition at line 430 of file RealSenseInspector.cpp.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class FRealSenseInspectorCustomization

Definition at line 16 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

friend class FRealSenseInspectorWorker

Definition at line 15 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

Member Data Documentation

class URealSenseDevice* ARealSenseInspector::ActiveDevice

Definition at line 26 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

bool ARealSenseInspector::bAlignDepthToColor = true

Definition at line 66 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

bool ARealSenseInspector::bEnableColor = true

Definition at line 95 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

bool ARealSenseInspector::bEnableColorizedDepth = true

Definition at line 63 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

bool ARealSenseInspector::bEnableInfrared = true

Definition at line 106 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

bool ARealSenseInspector::bEnablePcl = false

Definition at line 117 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

bool ARealSenseInspector::bEnablePolling = false

Definition at line 46 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

bool ARealSenseInspector::bEnableRawDepth = true

Definition at line 60 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

bool ARealSenseInspector::bEqualizeHistogram = true

Definition at line 69 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

FString ARealSenseInspector::CaptureFile

Definition at line 43 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

FRealSenseStreamMode ARealSenseInspector::ColorConfig

Definition at line 92 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

TUniquePtr<class FDynamicTexture> ARealSenseInspector::ColorDtex

Definition at line 157 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

UTexture2D* ARealSenseInspector::ColorTexture

Definition at line 98 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

class URealSenseContext* ARealSenseInspector::Context

Definition at line 23 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

TUniquePtr<class FDynamicTexture> ARealSenseInspector::DepthColorizedDtex

Definition at line 156 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

UTexture2D* ARealSenseInspector::DepthColorizedTexture

Definition at line 87 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

ERealSenseDepthColormap ARealSenseInspector::DepthColormap

Definition at line 78 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

FRealSenseStreamMode ARealSenseInspector::DepthConfig

Definition at line 57 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

float ARealSenseInspector::DepthMax = 10

Definition at line 75 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

float ARealSenseInspector::DepthMin = 0

Definition at line 72 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

TUniquePtr<class FDynamicTexture> ARealSenseInspector::DepthRawDtex

Definition at line 155 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

UTexture2D* ARealSenseInspector::DepthRawTexture

Definition at line 84 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

float ARealSenseInspector::DepthScale = 0.001f

Definition at line 81 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

FString ARealSenseInspector::DeviceSerial

Definition at line 37 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

volatile int ARealSenseInspector::FramesetId = 0

Definition at line 181 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

FRealSenseStreamMode ARealSenseInspector::InfraredConfig

Definition at line 103 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

TUniquePtr<class FDynamicTexture> ARealSenseInspector::InfraredDtex

Definition at line 158 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

UTexture2D* ARealSenseInspector::InfraredTexture

Definition at line 109 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

volatile int ARealSenseInspector::PclCalculateFlag = false

Definition at line 175 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

float ARealSenseInspector::PclDensity = 0.2f

Definition at line 126 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

int ARealSenseInspector::PclFramesetId = 0

Definition at line 173 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

class UMaterialInterface* ARealSenseInspector::PclMaterial

Definition at line 135 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

class URuntimeMeshComponent* ARealSenseInspector::PclMesh

Definition at line 132 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

TMap< int32, TUniquePtr<FMeshSection> > ARealSenseInspector::PclMeshData

Definition at line 172 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

volatile int ARealSenseInspector::PclReadyFlag = false

Definition at line 176 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

float ARealSenseInspector::PclRenderAccum = 0

Definition at line 174 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

float ARealSenseInspector::PclRenderRate = 5

Definition at line 129 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

float ARealSenseInspector::PclScale = 1.0f

Definition at line 120 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

float ARealSenseInspector::PclVoxelSize = 1.0f

Definition at line 123 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

ERealSensePipelineMode ARealSenseInspector::PipelineMode = ERealSensePipelineMode::CaptureOnly

Definition at line 40 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

FCriticalSection ARealSenseInspector::PointCloudMx

Definition at line 153 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

float ARealSenseInspector::PollFrameRate = 1.0f / 60.0f

Definition at line 49 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

TUniquePtr<class rs2::align> ARealSenseInspector::RsAlign

Definition at line 162 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

TUniquePtr<class rs2::device> ARealSenseInspector::RsDevice

Definition at line 161 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

TUniquePtr<class rs2::pipeline> ARealSenseInspector::RsPipeline

Definition at line 160 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

TUniquePtr<class rs2::pointcloud> ARealSenseInspector::RsPointCloud

Definition at line 170 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

TUniquePtr<class rs2::points> ARealSenseInspector::RsPoints

Definition at line 171 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

volatile int ARealSenseInspector::StartedFlag = false

Definition at line 180 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

FCriticalSection ARealSenseInspector::StateMx

Definition at line 152 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

TUniquePtr<class FRunnableThread> ARealSenseInspector::Thread

Definition at line 179 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

float ARealSenseInspector::WaitFrameTimeout = 1.0f

Definition at line 52 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

TUniquePtr<class FRealSenseInspectorWorker> ARealSenseInspector::Worker

Definition at line 178 of file RealSenseInspector.h.

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