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create::RobotModel Class Reference

#include <types.h>

Public Member Functions

float getAxleLength () const
unsigned int getBaud () const
uint32_t getId () const
float getMaxVelocity () const
ProtocolVersion getVersion () const
float getWheelDiameter () const
 operator uint32_t () const
bool operator== (RobotModel &other) const

Static Public Attributes

static RobotModel CREATE_1
 Compatible with Create 1 or Roomba 500 series. More...
static RobotModel CREATE_2
 Compatible with Create 2 or Roomba 600 series and greater. More...
static RobotModel ROOMBA_400
 Compatible with Roomba 400 series and earlier. More...

Private Member Functions

 RobotModel (const ProtocolVersion version, const float axleLength, const unsigned int baud, const float maxVelocity=0.5, const float wheelDiameter=0.078)

Private Attributes

float axleLength
unsigned int baud
uint32_t id
float maxVelocity
ProtocolVersion version
float wheelDiameter

Static Private Attributes

static uint32_t nextId = 1

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

create::RobotModel::RobotModel ( const ProtocolVersion  version,
const float  axleLength,
const unsigned int  baud,
const float  maxVelocity = 0.5,
const float  wheelDiameter = 0.078 

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Member Function Documentation

float create::RobotModel::getAxleLength ( ) const

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unsigned int create::RobotModel::getBaud ( ) const

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uint32_t create::RobotModel::getId ( ) const

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float create::RobotModel::getMaxVelocity ( ) const

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ProtocolVersion create::RobotModel::getVersion ( ) const

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float create::RobotModel::getWheelDiameter ( ) const

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create::RobotModel::operator uint32_t ( ) const

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bool create::RobotModel::operator== ( RobotModel other) const

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Member Data Documentation

float create::RobotModel::axleLength

Definition at line 78 of file types.h.

unsigned int create::RobotModel::baud

Definition at line 79 of file types.h.

RobotModel create::RobotModel::CREATE_1

Compatible with Create 1 or Roomba 500 series.

Definition at line 68 of file types.h.

RobotModel create::RobotModel::CREATE_2

Compatible with Create 2 or Roomba 600 series and greater.

Definition at line 73 of file types.h.

uint32_t create::RobotModel::id

Definition at line 76 of file types.h.

float create::RobotModel::maxVelocity

Definition at line 80 of file types.h.

uint32_t create::RobotModel::nextId = 1

Definition at line 84 of file types.h.

RobotModel create::RobotModel::ROOMBA_400

Compatible with Roomba 400 series and earlier.

Definition at line 63 of file types.h.

ProtocolVersion create::RobotModel::version

Definition at line 77 of file types.h.

float create::RobotModel::wheelDiameter

Definition at line 81 of file types.h.

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