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class  Matrix3x3
struct  Matrix3x3DoubleData
struct  Matrix3x3FloatData
class  MessageFilter
class  MessageFilterBase
class  Quaternion
class  Stamped
class  StampedTransform
class  tfVector4
class  TimeCache
class  Transform
class  TransformBroadcaster
struct  TransformDoubleData
class  Transformer
struct  TransformFloatData
class  TransformListener
struct  TransformLists
class  TransformStorage
class  Vector3
struct  Vector3DoubleData
struct  Vector3FloatData


typedef uint32_t CompactFrameID
typedef uint32_t CompactFrameID
typedef tf2::ConnectivityException ConnectivityException
typedef tf2::ConnectivityException ConnectivityException
typedef tf2::ExtrapolationException ExtrapolationException
typedef tf2::ExtrapolationException ExtrapolationException
typedef filter_failure_reasons::FilterFailureReason FilterFailureReason
typedef filter_failure_reasons::FilterFailureReason FilterFailureReason
typedef tf2::InvalidArgumentException InvalidArgument
typedef tf2::InvalidArgumentException InvalidArgument
typedef tf2::LookupException LookupException
typedef tf2::LookupException LookupException
typedef std::pair< ros::Time, CompactFrameIDP_TimeAndFrameID
typedef std::pair< ros::Time, CompactFrameIDP_TimeAndFrameID
typedef tf::Vector3 Point
typedef tf::Vector3 Point
typedef tf::Transform Pose
typedef tf::Transform Pose
typedef tf2::TransformException TransformException
typedef tf2::TransformException TransformException


enum  ErrorValues
enum  ErrorValues
enum  ExtrapolationMode
enum  ExtrapolationMode


 __attribute__ ((deprecated)) static inline std
class tf::Vector3 __attribute__ ((aligned(16)))
geometry_msgs::Pose addDelta (const geometry_msgs::Pose &pose, const geometry_msgs::Twist &twist, const double &t) __attribute__((deprecated))
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE tfScalar angle (const Quaternion &q1, const Quaternion &q2)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE tfScalar angleShortestPath (const Quaternion &q1, const Quaternion &q2)
void assertQuaternionValid (const tf::Quaternion &q)
void assertQuaternionValid (const geometry_msgs::Quaternion &q)
 ATTRIBUTE_ALIGNED16 (class) QuadWord
static tf::Quaternion createIdentityQuaternion ()
static tf::Quaternion createQuaternionFromRPY (double roll, double pitch, double yaw)
static Quaternion createQuaternionFromYaw (double yaw)
static geometry_msgs::Quaternion createQuaternionMsgFromRollPitchYaw (double roll, double pitch, double yaw)
static geometry_msgs::Quaternion createQuaternionMsgFromYaw (double yaw)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE tfScalar dot (const Quaternion &q1, const Quaternion &q2)
std::string getPrefixParam (ros::NodeHandle &nh)
static double getYaw (const Quaternion &bt_q)
static double getYaw (const geometry_msgs::Quaternion &msg_q)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE Quaternion inverse (const Quaternion &q)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE tfScalar length (const Quaternion &q)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE Vector3 lerp (const Vector3 &v1, const Vector3 &v2, const tfScalar &t)
void matrixEigenToMsg (const Eigen::MatrixBase< Derived > &e, std_msgs::Float64MultiArray &m)
void matrixEigenToTF (const Eigen::Matrix3d &e, tf::Matrix3x3 &t)
void matrixTFToEigen (const tf::Matrix3x3 &t, Eigen::Matrix3d &e)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE Vector3 operator* (const Vector3 &v1, const Vector3 &v2)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE Quaternion operator* (const Quaternion &q1, const Quaternion &q2)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE Quaternion operator* (const Quaternion &q, const Vector3 &w)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE Quaternion operator* (const Vector3 &w, const Quaternion &q)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE Vector3 operator* (const Vector3 &v, const tfScalar &s)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE Vector3 operator* (const tfScalar &s, const Vector3 &v)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE Vector3 operator* (const Matrix3x3 &m, const Vector3 &v)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE Vector3 operator* (const Vector3 &v, const Matrix3x3 &m)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE Matrix3x3 operator* (const Matrix3x3 &m1, const Matrix3x3 &m2)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE Vector3 operator+ (const Vector3 &v1, const Vector3 &v2)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE Quaternion operator- (const Quaternion &q)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE Vector3 operator- (const Vector3 &v1, const Vector3 &v2)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE Vector3 operator- (const Vector3 &v)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE Vector3 operator/ (const Vector3 &v, const tfScalar &s)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE Vector3 operator/ (const Vector3 &v1, const Vector3 &v2)
bool operator== (const Stamped< T > &a, const Stamped< T > &b)
static bool operator== (const StampedTransform &a, const StampedTransform &b)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE bool operator== (const Transform &t1, const Transform &t2)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE bool operator== (const Matrix3x3 &m1, const Matrix3x3 &m2)
void pointEigenToMsg (const Eigen::Vector3d &e, geometry_msgs::Point &m)
void pointKDLToMsg (const KDL::Vector &k, geometry_msgs::Point &m)
void pointMsgToEigen (const geometry_msgs::Point &m, Eigen::Vector3d &e)
void pointMsgToKDL (const geometry_msgs::Point &m, KDL::Vector &k)
static void pointMsgToTF (const geometry_msgs::Point &msg_v, Point &bt_v)
static void pointStampedMsgToTF (const geometry_msgs::PointStamped &msg, Stamped< Point > &bt)
static void pointStampedTFToMsg (const Stamped< Point > &bt, geometry_msgs::PointStamped &msg)
static void pointTFToMsg (const Point &bt_v, geometry_msgs::Point &msg_v)
void poseEigenToMsg (const Eigen::Affine3d &e, geometry_msgs::Pose &m)
void poseEigenToMsg (const Eigen::Isometry3d &e, geometry_msgs::Pose &m)
void poseEigenToMsg (Eigen::Affine3f &eigen, geometry_msgs::Pose &msg)
void poseEigenToTF (const Eigen::Affine3d &e, tf::Pose &t)
void poseEigenToTF (const Eigen::Isometry3d &e, tf::Pose &t)
void poseKDLToMsg (const KDL::Frame &k, geometry_msgs::Pose &m)
void PoseKDLToMsg (const KDL::Frame &k, geometry_msgs::Pose &m) __attribute__((deprecated))
void poseKDLToTF (const KDL::Frame &k, tf::Pose &t)
void PoseKDLToTF (const KDL::Frame &k, tf::Pose &t) __attribute__((deprecated))
void poseMsgToEigen (const geometry_msgs::Pose &m, Eigen::Affine3d &e)
void poseMsgToEigen (const geometry_msgs::Pose &m, Eigen::Isometry3d &e)
void poseMsgToEigen (const geometry_msgs::Pose &msg, Eigen::Affine3f &eigen)
void poseMsgToKDL (const geometry_msgs::Pose &m, KDL::Frame &k)
void PoseMsgToKDL (const geometry_msgs::Pose &m, KDL::Frame &k) __attribute__((deprecated))
static void poseMsgToTF (const geometry_msgs::Pose &msg, Pose &bt)
static void poseStampedMsgToTF (const geometry_msgs::PoseStamped &msg, Stamped< Pose > &bt)
static void poseStampedTFToMsg (const Stamped< Pose > &bt, geometry_msgs::PoseStamped &msg)
void poseTFToEigen (const tf::Pose &t, Eigen::Affine3d &e)
void poseTFToEigen (const tf::Pose &t, Eigen::Isometry3d &e)
void poseTFToKDL (const tf::Pose &t, KDL::Frame &k)
void PoseTFToKDL (const tf::Pose &t, KDL::Frame &k) __attribute__((deprecated))
static void poseTFToMsg (const Pose &bt, geometry_msgs::Pose &msg)
void quaternionEigenToKDL (const Eigen::Quaterniond &e, KDL::Rotation &k)
void quaternionEigenToMsg (const Eigen::Quaterniond &e, geometry_msgs::Quaternion &m)
void quaternionEigenToTF (const Eigen::Quaterniond &e, tf::Quaternion &t)
void quaternionKDLToEigen (const KDL::Rotation &k, Eigen::Quaterniond &e)
void quaternionKDLToMsg (const KDL::Rotation &k, geometry_msgs::Quaternion &m)
void quaternionKDLToTF (const KDL::Rotation &k, tf::Quaternion &t)
void QuaternionKDLToTF (const KDL::Rotation &k, tf::Quaternion &t) __attribute__((deprecated))
void quaternionMsgToEigen (const geometry_msgs::Quaternion &m, Eigen::Quaterniond &e)
void quaternionMsgToKDL (const geometry_msgs::Quaternion &m, KDL::Rotation &k)
static void quaternionMsgToTF (const geometry_msgs::Quaternion &msg, Quaternion &bt)
static void quaternionStampedMsgToTF (const geometry_msgs::QuaternionStamped &msg, Stamped< Quaternion > &bt)
static void quaternionStampedTFToMsg (const Stamped< Quaternion > &bt, geometry_msgs::QuaternionStamped &msg)
void quaternionTFToEigen (const tf::Quaternion &t, Eigen::Quaterniond &e)
void quaternionTFToKDL (const tf::Quaternion &t, KDL::Rotation &k)
void QuaternionTFToKDL (const tf::Quaternion &t, KDL::Rotation &k) __attribute__((deprecated))
static void quaternionTFToMsg (const Quaternion &bt, geometry_msgs::Quaternion &msg)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE Vector3 quatRotate (const Quaternion &rotation, const Vector3 &v)
std::string remap (const std::string &frame_id) __attribute__((deprecated))
std::string resolve (const std::string &prefix, const std::string &frame_name)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE Quaternion shortestArcQuat (const Vector3 &v0, const Vector3 &v1)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE Quaternion shortestArcQuatNormalize2 (Vector3 &v0, Vector3 &v1)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE Quaternion slerp (const Quaternion &q1, const Quaternion &q2, const tfScalar &t)
std::string strip_leading_slash (const std::string &frame_name)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE tfScalar tfAngle (const Vector3 &v1, const Vector3 &v2)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE Vector3 tfCross (const Vector3 &v1, const Vector3 &v2)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE tfScalar tfDistance (const Vector3 &v1, const Vector3 &v2)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE tfScalar tfDistance2 (const Vector3 &v1, const Vector3 &v2)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE tfScalar tfDot (const Vector3 &v1, const Vector3 &v2)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE void tfPlaneSpace1 (const Vector3 &n, Vector3 &p, Vector3 &q)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE void tfSwapScalarEndian (const tfScalar &sourceVal, tfScalar &destVal)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE void tfSwapVector3Endian (const Vector3 &sourceVec, Vector3 &destVec)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE tfScalar tfTriple (const Vector3 &v1, const Vector3 &v2, const Vector3 &v3)
TFSIMD_FORCE_INLINE void tfUnSwapVector3Endian (Vector3 &vector)
void transformEigenToKDL (const Eigen::Affine3d &e, KDL::Frame &k)
void transformEigenToKDL (const Eigen::Isometry3d &e, KDL::Frame &k)
void transformEigenToMsg (const Eigen::Affine3d &e, geometry_msgs::Transform &m)
void transformEigenToMsg (const Eigen::Isometry3d &e, geometry_msgs::Transform &m)
void transformEigenToMsg (Eigen::Affine3f &eigen, geometry_msgs::Transform &msg)
void transformEigenToTF (const Eigen::Affine3d &e, tf::Transform &t)
void transformEigenToTF (const Eigen::Isometry3d &e, tf::Transform &t)
void transformEigenToTF (Eigen::Affine3f &eigen, tf::Transform &t)
void transformKDLToEigen (const KDL::Frame &k, Eigen::Isometry3d &e)
void transformKDLToEigen (const KDL::Frame &k, Eigen::Affine3d &e)
void transformKDLToMsg (const KDL::Frame &k, geometry_msgs::Transform &m)
void transformKDLToTF (const KDL::Frame &k, tf::Transform &t)
void TransformKDLToTF (const KDL::Frame &k, tf::Transform &t) __attribute__((deprecated))
void transformMsgToEigen (const geometry_msgs::Transform &m, Eigen::Isometry3d &e)
void transformMsgToEigen (const geometry_msgs::Transform &m, Eigen::Affine3d &e)
void transformMsgToEigen (const geometry_msgs::Transform &msg, Eigen::Affine3f &eigen)
void transformMsgToKDL (const geometry_msgs::Transform &m, KDL::Frame &k)
static void transformMsgToTF (const geometry_msgs::Transform &msg, Transform &bt)
static void transformStampedMsgToTF (const geometry_msgs::TransformStamped &msg, StampedTransform &bt)
static void transformStampedTFToMsg (const StampedTransform &bt, geometry_msgs::TransformStamped &msg)
void transformTFToEigen (const tf::Transform &t, Eigen::Affine3d &e)
void transformTFToEigen (const tf::Transform &t, Eigen::Isometry3d &e)
void transformTFToEigen (const tf::Transform &t, Eigen::Affine3f &eigen)
void transformTFToKDL (const tf::Transform &t, KDL::Frame &k)
void TransformTFToKDL (const tf::Transform &t, KDL::Frame &k) __attribute__((deprecated))
static void transformTFToMsg (const Transform &bt, geometry_msgs::Transform &msg)
void twistEigenToKDL (const Eigen::Matrix< double, 6, 1 > &e, KDL::Twist &k)
void twistEigenToMsg (const Eigen::Matrix< double, 6, 1 > &e, geometry_msgs::Twist &m)
void twistKDLToEigen (const KDL::Twist &k, Eigen::Matrix< double, 6, 1 > &e)
void TwistKDLToMsg (const KDL::Twist &k, geometry_msgs::Twist &m) __attribute__((deprecated))
void twistKDLToMsg (const KDL::Twist &k, geometry_msgs::Twist &m)
void twistMsgToEigen (const geometry_msgs::Twist &m, Eigen::Matrix< double, 6, 1 > &e)
void twistMsgToKDL (const geometry_msgs::Twist &m, KDL::Twist &k)
void TwistMsgToKDL (const geometry_msgs::Twist &m, KDL::Twist &k) __attribute__((deprecated))
static void vector3MsgToTF (const geometry_msgs::Vector3 &msg_v, Vector3 &bt_v)
static void vector3StampedMsgToTF (const geometry_msgs::Vector3Stamped &msg, Stamped< Vector3 > &bt)
static void vector3StampedTFToMsg (const Stamped< Vector3 > &bt, geometry_msgs::Vector3Stamped &msg)
static void vector3TFToMsg (const Vector3 &bt_v, geometry_msgs::Vector3 &msg_v)
void vectorEigenToKDL (const Eigen::Matrix< double, 3, 1 > &e, KDL::Vector &k)
void vectorEigenToMsg (const Eigen::Vector3d &e, geometry_msgs::Vector3 &m)
void vectorEigenToTF (const Eigen::Vector3d &e, tf::Vector3 &t)
void vectorEigenToTF (const Eigen::Vector3f &e, tf::Vector3 &t)
void vectorKDLToEigen (const KDL::Vector &k, Eigen::Matrix< double, 3, 1 > &e)
void vectorKDLToMsg (const KDL::Vector &k, geometry_msgs::Vector3 &m)
void VectorKDLToTF (const KDL::Vector &k, tf::Vector3 &t) __attribute__((deprecated))
void vectorKDLToTF (const KDL::Vector &k, tf::Vector3 &t)
void vectorMsgToEigen (const geometry_msgs::Vector3 &m, Eigen::Vector3d &e)
void vectorMsgToKDL (const geometry_msgs::Vector3 &m, KDL::Vector &k)
void vectorTFToEigen (const tf::Vector3 &t, Eigen::Vector3d &e)
void vectorTFToEigen (const tf::Vector3 &t, Eigen::Vector3f &e)
void VectorTFToKDL (const tf::Vector3 &t, KDL::Vector &k) __attribute__((deprecated))
void vectorTFToKDL (const tf::Vector3 &t, KDL::Vector &k)
void wrenchEigenToKDL (const Eigen::Matrix< double, 6, 1 > &e, KDL::Wrench &k)
void wrenchEigenToMsg (const Eigen::Matrix< double, 6, 1 > &e, geometry_msgs::Wrench &m)
void wrenchKDLToEigen (const KDL::Wrench &k, Eigen::Matrix< double, 6, 1 > &e)
void wrenchKDLToMsg (const KDL::Wrench &k, geometry_msgs::Wrench &m)
void wrenchMsgToEigen (const geometry_msgs::Wrench &m, Eigen::Matrix< double, 6, 1 > &e)
void wrenchMsgToKDL (const geometry_msgs::Wrench &m, KDL::Wrench &k)


tf::tfVector4 __attribute__
tf::tfVector4 __attribute__
static const double QUATERNION_TOLERANCE
static const double QUATERNION_TOLERANCE

Function Documentation

void tf::poseEigenToMsg ( Eigen::Affine3f &  eigen,
geometry_msgs::Pose msg 

Definition at line 176 of file pcl_conversion_util.cpp.

void tf::poseMsgToEigen ( const geometry_msgs::Pose msg,
Eigen::Affine3f &  eigen 

Definition at line 169 of file pcl_conversion_util.cpp.

void tf::transformEigenToMsg ( Eigen::Affine3f &  eigen,
geometry_msgs::Transform &  msg 

Definition at line 190 of file pcl_conversion_util.cpp.

void tf::transformEigenToTF ( Eigen::Affine3f &  eigen,
tf::Transform t 

Definition at line 204 of file pcl_conversion_util.cpp.

void tf::transformMsgToEigen ( const geometry_msgs::Transform &  msg,
Eigen::Affine3f &  eigen 

Definition at line 183 of file pcl_conversion_util.cpp.

void tf::transformTFToEigen ( const tf::Transform t,
Eigen::Affine3f &  eigen 

Definition at line 197 of file pcl_conversion_util.cpp.

void tf::vectorEigenToTF ( const Eigen::Vector3f &  e,
tf::Vector3 t 

Definition at line 220 of file pcl_conversion_util.cpp.

void tf::vectorTFToEigen ( const tf::Vector3 t,
Eigen::Vector3f &  e 

Definition at line 211 of file pcl_conversion_util.cpp.

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