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 CBaseTextStreamParent class for text stream functionality
 CInputTextStreamParent template for input text streams
 CInputTextStream< Device, true >Input text stream interface
 COutputTextStreamParent template for output text streams
 COutputTextStream< Device, true >Output text stream interface
 NstreamsStreaming to and from input-output devices
 CClearScreenManipulator that clears a terminal screen the c++ (hard) way
 CEndOfLineReplicates the well known end of line/flush combination
 CLogStreamA customised textstream for fast, multithreaded logging to file
 CManipulatorParent template for c++ style stream manipulators
 COFileStreamConvenience class for OFile TextStream definitions
 CSerialStreamConvenience class for Serial TextStream definitions
 CSharedFileStreamConvenience class for SharedFile TextStream definitions
 CStringStreamConvenience wrapper for string device based textstreams
 CTextStreamA text streaming interface

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