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ConvexDecomposition::HullLibrary Class Reference

#include <cd_hull.h>

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Public Member Functions

HullError CreateConvexHull (const HullDesc &desc, HullResult &result)
HullError CreateTriangleMesh (HullResult &answer, ConvexHullTriangleInterface *iface)
HullError ReleaseResult (HullResult &result)

Private Member Functions

void AddConvexTriangle (ConvexHullTriangleInterface *callback, const double *p1, const double *p2, const double *p3)
void BringOutYourDead (const double *verts, unsigned int vcount, double *overts, unsigned int &ocount, unsigned int *indices, unsigned indexcount)
bool CleanupVertices (unsigned int svcount, const double *svertices, unsigned int stride, unsigned int &vcount, double *vertices, double normalepsilon, double *scale)
double ComputeNormal (double *n, const double *A, const double *B, const double *C)

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Definition at line 221 of file cd_hull.h.

Member Function Documentation

void ConvexDecomposition::HullLibrary::AddConvexTriangle ( ConvexHullTriangleInterface callback,
const double *  p1,
const double *  p2,
const double *  p3 
) [private]

Definition at line 3528 of file cd_hull.cpp.

void ConvexDecomposition::HullLibrary::BringOutYourDead ( const double *  verts,
unsigned int  vcount,
double *  overts,
unsigned int &  ocount,
unsigned int *  indices,
unsigned  indexcount 
) [private]

Definition at line 3444 of file cd_hull.cpp.

bool ConvexDecomposition::HullLibrary::CleanupVertices ( unsigned int  svcount,
const double *  svertices,
unsigned int  stride,
unsigned int &  vcount,
double *  vertices,
double  normalepsilon,
double *  scale 
) [private]

Definition at line 3187 of file cd_hull.cpp.

double ConvexDecomposition::HullLibrary::ComputeNormal ( double *  n,
const double *  A,
const double *  B,
const double *  C 
) [private]

Definition at line 3614 of file cd_hull.cpp.

Definition at line 2948 of file cd_hull.cpp.

Definition at line 3483 of file cd_hull.cpp.

Definition at line 3149 of file cd_hull.cpp.

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