oro_malloc.h File Reference
#include "../rtt-config.h"
#include <cstdlib>
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#define oro_rt_calloc   rt_calloc
#define oro_rt_free   free
#define oro_rt_malloc   malloc
#define oro_rt_realloc   realloc

Detailed Description

Wraps the oro_rt_ allocator functions to standard C malloc function family or TLSF if available.

Definition in file oro_malloc.h.

Define Documentation

#define oro_rt_calloc   rt_calloc

Definition at line 57 of file oro_malloc.h.

#define oro_rt_free   free

Definition at line 55 of file oro_malloc.h.

#define oro_rt_malloc   malloc

Definition at line 54 of file oro_malloc.h.

#define oro_rt_realloc   realloc

Definition at line 56 of file oro_malloc.h.

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