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00001 License of rc_genicam_api package
00002 ---------------------------------
00004 The files in the sub-directories 'rc_genicam_api' and 'tools' are provided by
00005 Roboception GmbH under the 3-clause BSD license. See the license text in the
00006 header of all source files.
00008 The sub-directory 'baumer' contains a GenTL producer for GigE Vision from Baumer.
00009 See [baumer/license.txt](baumer/license.txt) for license information on this lib.
00011 The sub-directory 'genicam' provides the full GenICam reference implementation.
00012 See [genicam/License_ReadMe.txt](genicam/License_ReadMe.txt) for license information of all files in this
00013 sub-directory.

Author(s): Heiko Hirschmueller
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