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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
_GenICamVersion.h [code]
AbortAppender.hh [code]
Appender.hh [code]
AppendersFactory.hh [code]
AppenderSkeleton.hh [code]
Autovector.h [code]This file contains the public definition of the autovector classes
AutovectorImpl.h [code]This file contains the internal implementation of the autovector
BaseT.h [code]Definition of the BaseT class template
BasicConfigurator.hh [code]
BasicLayout.hh [code]
Boolean.h [code]Definition of CBoolean
BooleanT.h [code]Definition of BooleanT class template
BoostThreads.hh [code] [code]
buffer.h [code]
BufferingAppender.hh [code]
Category.h [code]Definition of CCategory
Category.hh [code]
CategoryStream.hh [code]
ChunkAdapter.h [code]Declaration of the CChunkAdapter class
ChunkAdapterDcam.h [code]Declaration of the CChunkAdapterDcam class
ChunkAdapterGeneric.h [code]Declaration of the CChunkAdapterGeneric class
ChunkAdapterGEV.h [code]Declaration of the CChunkAdapterGEV class
ChunkAdapterU3V.h [code]Declaration of the CChunkAdapterU3V class
ChunkPort.h [code]Declaration of the CChunkPort class
CLog.h [code]Implementation of CLog
Command.h [code]Definition of CCommand
CommandT.h [code]Definition of CommandT class template
Compatibility.h [code]Definition of macros for cross-platform compatibility
config-openvms.h [code]
config-win32.h [code] [code]
genicam/library/CPP/include/log4cpp/config.h [code]
rc_genicam_api/config.h [code]
Configurator.hh [code]
Container.h [code]Portable container classes for INode & IValue pointers
convenience.h [code]
Converter.h [code]Definition of the CConverter class
Counter.h [code]Definition of a simple Counter class [code]
cport.h [code]
DcamAccessCtrlReg.h [code]Definition of CDcamAccessCtrlReg [code]
device.h [code]
DLLLoad.h [code]Definition of function for laoding a DLL dynamically
DummyThreads.hh [code]
EnumClasses.h [code]Definition of enum classes for Sign, Endianess, Access mode and Visibility
EnumEntry.h [code]Definition of CEnumEntry
Enumeration.h [code]Definition of CEnumeratorBase and CEnumeration_Int
EnumerationT.h [code]Definition of the EnumerationT class template
EventAdapter.h [code]Declaration of the CEventAdapter class
EventAdapter1394.h [code]Declaration of the CEventAdapter1394 class
EventAdapterCL.h [code]Declaration of the CEventAdapterCL class
EventAdapterGeneric.h [code]Declaration of the CEventAdapterGEV class
EventAdapterGEV.h [code]Declaration of the CEventAdapterGEV class
EventAdapterU3V.h [code]Declaration of the CEventAdapterU3V class
EventPort.h [code]Declaration of the CEventPort class [code]
exception.h [code]
Exception.h [code]
Export.hh [code]
FactoryParams.hh [code]
FileAppender.hh [code]
Filestream.h [code]Definition of ODevFileStream and IDevFileStream
Filter.hh [code]
FixedContextCategory.hh [code]
Float.h [code]
FloatT.h [code]Definition of the FloatT class template
FltReg.h [code]Definition of CFltReg [code] [code] [code] [code]
GCArray.h [code]
GCBase.h [code]Common GenICam base include file
GCError.h [code]GenICam Common Error Values
GCException.h [code]
GCLinkage.h [code]Helpers for pragma linkage
gcmemory.h [code]
GCNamespace.h [code]GenICam versioned namespace
GCRTSSUtilities.h [code]GenICam RTSS utilities
GCString.h [code]Portable string implementation
GCStringVector.h [code]Portable string vector implementation
GCSynch.h [code]Definition of Lock classes
GCTypes.h [code]Platform-dependent type definitions
GCUtilities.h [code]GenICam common utilities
GenApi.h [code]Main include file for using GenApi with smart pointers
GenApiDll.h [code]Declspec's to be used for GenApi Windows dll
GenApiLinkage.h [code]Contains GenApi's linker directives
GenApiNamespace.h [code]GenICam versioned namespace
GenApiUtilities.h [code]GenICam common utilities
GenApiVersion.h [code]Central versioning counters
GenICam.h [code]
GenICamFwd.h [code]Forward declarations for GenICam types
GenICamVersion.h [code]Central versioning counters
GenTL_v1_5.h [code]
gentl_wrapper.h [code] [code] [code]
GlobalPragmas.h [code]This file must be included FIRST
HierarchyMaintainer.hh [code]
IBase.h [code]Definition of interface IBase
IBoolean.h [code]Definition of IBoolean interface
ICategory.h [code]Definition of interface ICategory and types FeatureList_t :
IChunkPort.h [code]Definition of interface IChunkPort
ICommand.h [code]Definition of ICommand interface
IDestroy.h [code]Definition of interface IDestroy
IDeviceInfo.h [code]Definition of interface INodeMap
IdsaAppender.hh [code]
IEEE1212Parser.h [code]Definition of CIEEE1212Parser
IEnumEntry.h [code]
IEnumeration.h [code]Definition of interface IEnumeration
IEnumerationT.h [code]Definition of interface IEnumerationT
IFloat.h [code]Definition of the IFloat interface
IInteger.h [code]Definition of the interface IInteger [code]
image.h [code] [code]
imagelist.h [code]
INode.h [code]Definition of interface INode and types NodeList_t and CallbackHandleType:
INodeMap.h [code]Definition of interface INodeMap
INodeMapDyn.h [code]Definition of interface INodeMapDyn
INodeMapPrivate.h [code]Definition of interface INodeMapPrivate
INodePrivate.h [code]Definition of interface INodePrivate
Int64Lexer.h [code]Definition of CInt64Lexer
Int64MathParser.h [code]Definition of CInt64MathParser
IntConverter.h [code]Definition of the CConverter class
Integer.h [code]
IntegerT.h [code]Definition of the IntegerT class template [code]
interface.h [code]
IntKey.h [code]Definition of CIntKey
IntReg.h [code]Definition of CIntReg
IntSwissKnife.h [code]Definition of CIntSwissKnife
IPort.h [code]Definition of interface IPort
IPortConstruct.h [code]Definition of interface IPortConstruct
IPortRecorder.h [code]Definition of interface IPort
IRegister.h [code]Definition of RegisterList_t type and the interface IRegister
ISelector.h [code]Definition of ISelector
ISelectorDigit.h [code]
IString.h [code]Definition of interface IString
IUserData.h [code]Definition of interface IUserData
IValue.h [code]Definition of the interface IValue
Layout.hh [code]
LayoutAppender.hh [code]
LayoutsFactory.hh [code]
LevelEvaluator.hh [code]
Lexer.h [code]Definition of CLexer [code]
LogDll.h [code]Declspec's to be used for Log Windows dll
LoggingEvent.hh [code]
Manipulator.hh [code]
MaskedIntReg.h [code]Definition of CMaskedIntReg
MathParser.h [code]Definition of CMathParser
MathParserDll.h [code]Export Macros
MathParserTypes.h [code]
MSThreads.hh [code]
NDC.hh [code]
Node.h [code]
NodeCallback.h [code]Implementation helpers for CNodeCallbackDefines a bunch of templates for creating callback-functors taking a INode pointer and returning void
NodeMap.h [code]Declaration of CNodeMap
NodeMapFactory.h [code]Definition of the node map factory
NodeMapRef.h [code]Definition of CNodeMapRef
NodeT.h [code]Definition of the NodeT class template
NTEventLogAppender.hh [code]
OmniThreads.hh [code]
OstreamAppender.hh [code]
PassThroughLayout.hh [code]
PatternLayout.hh [code]
Persistence.h [code]Definition of interface IPersistScript and class CFeatureBag
PFNC.h [code]
pixel_formats.h [code]
Pointer.h [code]Definition of template CPointer
PointerImpl.h [code]Definition of private drivates from CPointer
PolyReference.h [code]Definition of polymorphical smart pointer
Port.h [code]Definition of CPort
Portability.hh [code]
PortImpl.h [code]Definition of CPortImpl
PortWriteList.h [code]Definition of interface IPort
Priority.hh [code]
PrivateTypes.h [code]Common types used in the GenApi implementation
PropertyConfigurator.hh [code]
PThreads.hh [code]
baumer/ [code] [code]
Reference.h [code]Definition of template CReference
Register.h [code]Definition of CRegister
RegisterSetHelper.h [code]Definition of CRegisterSetHelper
RegisterT.h [code]Definition of the RegisterT class template
RemoteSyslogAppender.hh [code]
RollingFileAppender.hh [code]
RTSSUtilities.h [code]Helper functions
SelectorDigit.h [code]
SelectorSet.h [code]
SimpleConfigurator.hh [code]
SimpleLayout.hh [code]
SmartFeature.h [code]Interface to the CSmartFeature class
StaticMathCharTypeTable.h [code] [code]
stream.h [code]
StringNode.h [code]Interface to the CStringRegister class
StringQueueAppender.hh [code]
StringReg.h [code]Interface to the CStringRegister class
StringT.h [code]Definition of the NodeT class template
StrMap.h [code]Definition of CStrMap
StructPort.h [code]
SwissKnife.h [code]Definition of CSwissKnife
SwissKnifeT.h [code]Definition of the SwissknifeT class template
SymTable.h [code]Implementation of CSymTable
Synch.h [code]Definition of Lock classes
SyslogAppender.hh [code] [code]
system.h [code]
Threading.hh [code]
TimeStamp.hh [code]
TriggeringEventEvaluator.hh [code]
TriggeringEventEvaluatorFactory.hh [code]
Txtkey.h [code]Definition of CTxtKey
Types.h [code]Common types used in the public GenApi interface
Utilities.h [code]Helper functions
Value2String.h [code]Definition of value2string and string2value functions
ValueCache.h [code]Definition of CValueCache
ValueNode.h [code]Definition of CValueNode
ValueT.h [code]Definition of the ValueT class template
Win32DebugAppender.hh [code]
Wrapper.hh [code]

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