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IEnumerationT.h File Reference

Definition of interface IEnumerationT. More...

#include <GenApi/GenApiDll.h>
#include <GenApi/Types.h>
#include <GenApi/Pointer.h>
#include <GenApi/IEnumeration.h>
#include <GenApi/Compatibility.h>
#include <vector>
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class  GENAPI_NAMESPACE::CEnumerationTRef< EnumT >



Part of the generic device API.


virtual IEnumEntry * GENAPI_NAMESPACE::GetCurrentEntry (bool Verify=false, bool IgnoreCache=false)=0
 Get the current entry.
virtual IEnumEntry * GENAPI_NAMESPACE::GetEntry (const EnumT Value)=0
 returns the EnumEntry object belonging to the Value
virtual bool GENAPI_NAMESPACE::GetValue (bool Verify=false, bool IgnoreCache=false) const =0
 Get node value.
virtual bool GENAPI_NAMESPACE::operator() () const
 Get node value.
virtual IEnumeration & GENAPI_NAMESPACE::operator= (EnumT Value)=0
 Set node value.
virtual IEnumeration & GENAPI_NAMESPACE::operator= (const GENICAM_NAMESPACE::gcstring &ValueStr)=0
 Set string node value.

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Definition of interface IEnumerationT.

Definition in file IEnumerationT.h.

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