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AddRemoveOrganizationSDOPackageTest Namespace Reference


def leak_check
 memory leak check
def mem_rss
def print_file_and_cons
 file and console out


list a0 = ns.rtc_handles["a.rtc"]
tuple config = a0.rtc_ref.get_configuration()
tuple env = RtmEnv(sys.argv, ["localhost:9898"])
string fodat = "=== "
tuple fout = open(test_case + ".log", 'w')
tuple id = org.get_organization_id()
list listo = env.name_space["localhost:9898"]
 Create Composite RTC.
int loop_cnt = 1000
tuple manager = naming.resolve(mgr_name)
tuple mgr_name = socket.gethostname()
 Get Manager object reference.
tuple naming = CorbaNaming(env.orb, "localhost:9898")
list ns = env.name_space['localhost:9898']
tuple org = a0.rtc_ref.get_owned_organizations()
tuple rss0 = mem_rss()
 Configuration::add_organization (in Organization organization_object);.
tuple rss1 = mem_rss()
tuple rssEnd = mem_rss()
string test_case = "AddRemoveOrganizationSDOPackageTest"
 file out setting

Function Documentation

def AddRemoveOrganizationSDOPackageTest.leak_check (   rss_start,

memory leak check

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def AddRemoveOrganizationSDOPackageTest.print_file_and_cons (   out_data,
  out_flag = 0 

file and console out

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Variable Documentation

list AddRemoveOrganizationSDOPackageTest::a0 = ns.rtc_handles["a.rtc"]

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tuple AddRemoveOrganizationSDOPackageTest::config = a0.rtc_ref.get_configuration()

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tuple AddRemoveOrganizationSDOPackageTest::env = RtmEnv(sys.argv, ["localhost:9898"])

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tuple AddRemoveOrganizationSDOPackageTest::id = org.get_organization_id()

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list AddRemoveOrganizationSDOPackageTest::listo = env.name_space["localhost:9898"]

Create Composite RTC.

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tuple AddRemoveOrganizationSDOPackageTest::mgr_name = socket.gethostname()

Get Manager object reference.

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tuple AddRemoveOrganizationSDOPackageTest::naming = CorbaNaming(env.orb, "localhost:9898")

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list AddRemoveOrganizationSDOPackageTest::ns = env.name_space['localhost:9898']

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tuple AddRemoveOrganizationSDOPackageTest::org = a0.rtc_ref.get_owned_organizations()

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Configuration::add_organization (in Organization organization_object);.

[add/remove]_organization set Configuration::remove_organization (in UniqueIdentifier organization_id);

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string AddRemoveOrganizationSDOPackageTest::test_case = "AddRemoveOrganizationSDOPackageTest"

file out setting

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