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hrpPrep Namespace Reference


def doNarrow4Jython
 Functions for Jython.
def doNarrow4Python
 Functions for Python+omniORB.
def getCORBAObjects
def getORBJython
def getORBPython
def getPluginObject2NarrowJython
def getPluginObject2NarrowPython


 CommandReceiver = IDLBase.CommandReceiverHelper
 doNarrow = None
 getORB = getORBJython
 getPluginObject2Narrow = getPluginObject2NarrowJython
 IoControPlugin = IDLBase.IoControlPluginHelper
 LoggerPlugin = IDLBase.LoggerPluginHelper
 NameComponent = CosNaming.NameComponent
 NamingContext = CosNaming.NamingContext
 NotFound = CosNaming.NamingContext.NotFound
string Platform = 'J'
 Plugin = IDLBase.PluginHelper
 PluginManager = IDLBase.PluginManagerHelper
 SequencePlayer = IDLBase.SequencePlayerHelper
 stateProvider = IDLBase.stateProviderHelper

Function Documentation

def hrpPrep.doNarrow4Jython (   corbaClass,

Functions for Jython.

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def hrpPrep.doNarrow4Python (   corbaClass,

Functions for Python+omniORB.

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def hrpPrep.getORBJython (   argv)

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def hrpPrep.getORBPython (   argv)

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Variable Documentation

hrpPrep::CommandReceiver = IDLBase.CommandReceiverHelper

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hrpPrep::IoControPlugin = IDLBase.IoControlPluginHelper

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hrpPrep::LoggerPlugin = IDLBase.LoggerPluginHelper

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hrpPrep::NameComponent = CosNaming.NameComponent

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hrpPrep::NamingContext = CosNaming.NamingContext

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hrpPrep::NotFound = CosNaming.NamingContext.NotFound

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string hrpPrep::Platform = 'J'

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hrpPrep::Plugin = IDLBase.PluginHelper

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hrpPrep::PluginManager = IDLBase.PluginManagerHelper

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hrpPrep::SequencePlayer = IDLBase.SequencePlayerHelper

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hrpPrep::stateProvider = IDLBase.stateProviderHelper

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