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def plot_edges


tuple ax = gca()
tuple filt_edges = np.loadtxt('/tmp/filt_edges.dat', delimiter=',')
tuple x = np.hstack((filt_edges[:,0], filt_edges[:,2]))
tuple xy = np.vstack((x, y))
tuple y = np.hstack((filt_edges[:,1], filt_edges[:,3]))

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def vertices_similarity.plot_edges (   edges,

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Variable Documentation

tuple vertices_similarity::ax = gca()

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tuple vertices_similarity::filt_edges = np.loadtxt('/tmp/filt_edges.dat', delimiter=',')

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tuple vertices_similarity::x = np.hstack((filt_edges[:,0], filt_edges[:,2]))

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tuple vertices_similarity::xy = np.vstack((x, y))

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tuple vertices_similarity::y = np.hstack((filt_edges[:,1], filt_edges[:,3]))

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