MTi-G-700 GPS ROS driver
Lucas Casanova Nogueira, based on code from Ji Zhang and Silvio Maeta.


This is a ROS driver for MTi-G-700 GPS/INS. It provides GPS fix reading capabilities, as well as IMU and other sensors. To use the driver, a license number is required for the MT Software Suite (a.k.a. the Xsens API). This driver also enables configuration, i.e., turn different sensors in the device on and off, via ROS node. It is also possible to adjust the settings using MT Manager in Windows, and using the driver in read-only mode.


This code is based mainly in three classes, which are:

The mtiG class represents a device. It maintains an XsDevice object from which it gets the data packets (XsDataPackets). It uses a SensorData object to hold all the data available in each data packet. Later, it calls MessageMaker functions to fill ROS Messages from the data stored in SensorData, and then mtiG publishes this messages.

Author(s): Lucas Casanova Nogueira
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