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spinlock_wait.h File Reference
#include <stdint.h>
#include <atomic>
#include "absl/base/internal/scheduling_mode.h"
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struct  absl::base_internal::SpinLockWaitTransition


namespace  absl
namespace  absl::base_internal


void AbslInternalSpinLockDelay (std::atomic< uint32_t > *w, uint32_t value, int loop, absl::base_internal::SchedulingMode scheduling_mode)
void AbslInternalSpinLockWake (std::atomic< uint32_t > *w, bool all)
void absl::base_internal::SpinLockDelay (std::atomic< uint32_t > *w, uint32_t value, int loop, base_internal::SchedulingMode scheduling_mode)
int absl::base_internal::SpinLockSuggestedDelayNS (int loop)
uint32_t absl::base_internal::SpinLockWait (std::atomic< uint32_t > *w, int n, const SpinLockWaitTransition trans[], base_internal::SchedulingMode scheduling_mode)
void absl::base_internal::SpinLockWake (std::atomic< uint32_t > *w, bool all)

Function Documentation

void AbslInternalSpinLockDelay ( std::atomic< uint32_t > *  w,
uint32_t  value,
int  loop,
absl::base_internal::SchedulingMode  scheduling_mode 
void AbslInternalSpinLockWake ( std::atomic< uint32_t > *  w,
bool  all 

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