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absl::base_internal::LowLevelAlloc Class Reference

#include <low_level_alloc.h>

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struct  Arena

Public Types

enum  { kCallMallocHook = 0x0001, kAsyncSignalSafe = 0x0002 }

Static Public Member Functions

static void * Alloc (size_t request) ABSL_ATTRIBUTE_SECTION(malloc_hook)
static void * AllocWithArena (size_t request, Arena *arena) ABSL_ATTRIBUTE_SECTION(malloc_hook)
static ArenaDefaultArena ()
static bool DeleteArena (Arena *arena)
static void Free (void *s) ABSL_ATTRIBUTE_SECTION(malloc_hook)
static ArenaNewArena (int32_t flags)

Private Member Functions

 LowLevelAlloc ()

Detailed Description

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Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Member Function Documentation

void * absl::base_internal::LowLevelAlloc::Alloc ( size_t  request) [static]

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void * absl::base_internal::LowLevelAlloc::AllocWithArena ( size_t  request,
Arena arena 
) [static]

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void absl::base_internal::LowLevelAlloc::Free ( void *  s) [static]

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