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this_node.cpp File Reference
#include <cstdio>
#include "ros/this_node.h"
#include "ros/names.h"
#include "ros/topic_manager.h"
#include "ros/init.h"
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namespace  ros
namespace  ros::names

Contains functions which allow you to manipulate ROS names.

namespace  ros::this_node

Contains functions which provide information about this process' ROS node.


ROSCPP_DECL void ros::this_node::getAdvertisedTopics (V_string &topics)
 Get the list of topics advertised by this node.
ROSCPP_DECL const std::string & ros::this_node::getName ()
 Returns the name of the current node.
ROSCPP_DECL const std::string & ros::this_node::getNamespace ()
 Returns the namespace of the current node.
ROSCPP_DECL void ros::this_node::getSubscribedTopics (V_string &topics)
 Get the list of topics subscribed to by this node.
void ros::this_node::init (const std::string &names, const M_string &remappings, uint32_t options)
void ros::names::init (const M_string &remappings)


std::string ros::this_node::g_name = "empty"
std::string ros::this_node::g_namespace

Author(s): Morgan Quigley, Josh Faust, Brian Gerkey, Troy Straszheim
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