ros::ServiceEvent< MReq, MRes > Member List
This is the complete list of members for ros::ServiceEvent< MReq, MRes >, including all inherited members.
call(const CallbackType &cb, ServiceSpecCallParams< RequestType, ResponseType > &params)ros::ServiceEvent< MReq, MRes > [inline, static]
CallbackType typedefros::ServiceEvent< MReq, MRes >
connection_header_ros::ServiceEvent< MReq, MRes > [private]
getCallerName() const ros::ServiceEvent< MReq, MRes > [inline]
getConnectionHeader() const ros::ServiceEvent< MReq, MRes > [inline]
getRequest() const ros::ServiceEvent< MReq, MRes > [inline]
getResponse() const ros::ServiceEvent< MReq, MRes > [inline]
request_ros::ServiceEvent< MReq, MRes > [private]
RequestPtr typedefros::ServiceEvent< MReq, MRes >
RequestType typedefros::ServiceEvent< MReq, MRes >
response_ros::ServiceEvent< MReq, MRes > [private]
ResponsePtr typedefros::ServiceEvent< MReq, MRes >
ResponseType typedefros::ServiceEvent< MReq, MRes >
ServiceEvent(const boost::shared_ptr< MReq const > &req, const boost::shared_ptr< MRes > &res, const boost::shared_ptr< M_string > &connection_header)ros::ServiceEvent< MReq, MRes > [inline]

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