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inffast.c File Reference
#include "pcl/surface/3rdparty/opennurbs/zutil.h"
#include "pcl/surface/3rdparty/opennurbs/inftrees.h"
#include "pcl/surface/3rdparty/opennurbs/inflate.h"
#include "pcl/surface/3rdparty/opennurbs/inffast.h"
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#define OFF   1
#define PUP(a)   *++(a)


void inflate_fast (z_streamp strm, unsigned start)

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#define OFF   1

Definition at line 28 of file inffast.c.

#define PUP (   a)    *++(a)

Definition at line 29 of file inffast.c.

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void inflate_fast ( z_streamp  strm,
unsigned  start 

Definition at line 67 of file inffast.c.

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