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pcl::io::LZFYUV422ImageWriter Class Reference

PCL-LZF 16-bit YUV422 image format writer. More...

#include <lzf_image_io.h>

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 LZFYUV422ImageWriter ()
virtual bool write (const char *data, uint32_t width, uint32_t height, const std::string &filename)
 Save a 16-bit YUV422 image into PCL-LZF format.
virtual ~LZFYUV422ImageWriter ()

Detailed Description

PCL-LZF 16-bit YUV422 image format writer.

The main advantage of using the PCL-LZF image I/O routines is a very good file size versus I/O speed ratio. Tests performed using LZF, Snappy, ZIP, GZ2, BZIP2, as well as PNG, JPEG, and TIFF compression have shown that the internal PCL LZF methods provide the best score for the types of applications PCL is suited for.

Radu B. Rusu

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Empty constructor

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Empty destructor

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Member Function Documentation

bool pcl::io::LZFYUV422ImageWriter::write ( const char *  data,
uint32_t  width,
uint32_t  height,
const std::string filename 
) [virtual]

Save a 16-bit YUV422 image into PCL-LZF format.

[in]datathe array holding the YUV422 image (as [YUYV...YUYV])
[in]widththe with of the data array
[in]heightthe height of the data array
[in]filenamethe file name to write (preferred extension: .pclzf)
true if operation successful, false otherwise

Reimplemented from pcl::io::LZFRGB24ImageWriter.

Definition at line 294 of file lzf_image_io.cpp.

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