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mets::evaluable_solution Class Reference

A copyable and evaluable solution implementation,. More...

#include <model.hh>

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virtual gol_type cost_function () const =0
 Cost function to be minimized.

Detailed Description

A copyable and evaluable solution implementation,.

All you need, if you implement your own mets::solution_recorder, is to derive from the almost empty mets::feasible_solution. However, if you want to use the provided mets::best_ever_recorder you need to derive from this class (that also defines an interface to copy and evaluate a solution).

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Definition at line 155 of file model.hh.

Member Function Documentation

virtual gol_type mets::evaluable_solution::cost_function ( ) const [pure virtual]

Cost function to be minimized.

The cost function is the target that the search algorithm tries to minimize.

You must implement this for your problem.

Implemented in mets::permutation_problem, and pcl::GlobalHypothesesVerification< ModelT, SceneT >::SAModel.

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