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fisheye_ray Namespace Reference


def camera_info_cb
def cloud_cb
def image_cb


tuple frame_id = rospy.get_param("~frame_id", "fisheye")
 latest_camera_info = None
tuple pub = rospy.Publisher("~output", PoseStamped, queue_size=1)
tuple pub_p = rospy.Publisher("~output_point", PointStamped, queue_size=1)

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def fisheye_ray.cloud_cb (   msg)

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def fisheye_ray.image_cb (   msg)

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Variable Documentation

tuple fisheye_ray::frame_id = rospy.get_param("~frame_id", "fisheye")

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tuple fisheye_ray::pub = rospy.Publisher("~output", PoseStamped, queue_size=1)

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tuple fisheye_ray::pub_p = rospy.Publisher("~output_point", PointStamped, queue_size=1)

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