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KDL::Frame2 Class Reference

#include <frames.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 Frame2 (const Rotation2 &R, const Vector2 &V)
 Frame2 (const Vector2 &V)
 Frame2 (const Rotation2 &R)
 Frame2 (void)
 Frame2 (const Frame2 &arg)
void Integrate (const Twist &t_this, double frequency)
Frame2 Inverse () const
Vector2 Inverse (const Vector2 &arg) const
void Make4x4 (double *d)
double operator() (int i, int j)
double operator() (int i, int j) const
Vector2 operator* (const Vector2 &arg)
Frame2operator= (const Frame2 &arg)
void SetIdentity ()
void SetInverse ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Frame2 Identity ()

Public Attributes

Rotation2 M
 Orientation of the Frame.
Vector2 p
 origine of the Frame


bool Equal (const Frame2 &a, const Frame2 &b, double eps)
Frame2 operator* (const Frame2 &lhs, const Frame2 &rhs)

Detailed Description

A 2D frame class, for further documentation see the Frames class for methods with unchanged semantics.

Definition at line 1094 of file frames.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KDL::Frame2::Frame2 ( const Rotation2 R,
const Vector2 V 
) [inline]
KDL::Frame2::Frame2 ( const Vector2 V) [inline, explicit]
KDL::Frame2::Frame2 ( const Rotation2 R) [inline, explicit]
KDL::Frame2::Frame2 ( void  ) [inline]
KDL::Frame2::Frame2 ( const Frame2 arg) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

static Frame2 KDL::Frame2::Identity ( ) [inline, static]

Definition at line 1125 of file frames.hpp.

void KDL::Frame2::Integrate ( const Twist t_this,
double  frequency 
) [inline]
Frame2 KDL::Frame2::Inverse ( ) const [inline]
Vector2 KDL::Frame2::Inverse ( const Vector2 arg) const [inline]
void KDL::Frame2::Make4x4 ( double *  d) [inline]
double KDL::Frame2::operator() ( int  i,
int  j 
) [inline]

Treats a frame as a 3x3 matrix and returns element i,j Access to elements 0..2,0..2, bounds are checked when NDEBUG is not set

double KDL::Frame2::operator() ( int  i,
int  j 
) const [inline]

Treats a frame as a 4x4 matrix and returns element i,j Access to elements 0..3,0..3, bounds are checked when NDEBUG is not set

Vector2 KDL::Frame2::operator* ( const Vector2 arg) [inline]
Frame2& KDL::Frame2::operator= ( const Frame2 arg) [inline]
void KDL::Frame2::SetIdentity ( ) [inline]
void KDL::Frame2::SetInverse ( ) [inline]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

bool Equal ( const Frame2 a,
const Frame2 b,
double  eps 
) [friend]
Frame2 operator* ( const Frame2 lhs,
const Frame2 rhs 
) [friend]

Member Data Documentation

Orientation of the Frame.

Definition at line 1098 of file frames.hpp.

origine of the Frame

Definition at line 1097 of file frames.hpp.

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